SOLD Netherlands. I am proud to present you the first in a line of five Blood Angels company captains that is one of my long term projects. I present you Captain Furio Argento, Captain of the 4th Blood Angles Company. The idea for these Captains came to me when the Sanguinary Guard frames came out. Personally I do not like the idea of Space marines with huge wings going around the battle field but their frame provided me with lots of parts which I could further customize to create unique Blood Angels and why not other company captains.

Custimizations: The frame's parts are really good for assault poses but what I had in mind for Furio need that I further customize the legs and hands parts I chose for this project. I first started with the legs. I cut out the right leg from the abdominal connection and repositioned further up. The space in between was sculpted back with green stuff. I also modified both arms from the top section to lower and turn the blade in a down stabbing position you can see to make it look as if Furio had just concluded a jump-pack assault ending in a stabbing action on the ork which served as a base and make it possible for Furio not to touch the ground giving him a flying position. I also cut out the inferno pistol from the van brace and positioned it further down. As it was on the from it was hiding the wonderful sculpting details of the breast plate and I wanted this and the name Furio on the plat to show as much as possible. I also customized the ork to make him look like being thrown over by Furio's stabbing action. This added much more action to the whole composition.

Another final idea for this project was the fact that I want Furio to be able to stand alone without the ork but still have a fly pose. This was solve but adding a second column base to which Furio can be attached without the need of any glue. One simply has to remove Furion from the ork and insert him in the base's upper pin.

Still I wanted to give more flight atmosphere to the whole composition and to both basing options. It was so that I sculpted a huge Purity Seal (where I think Furio has detailed his impressive battle rolls which served him to become a Captain). This can be added or removed (again without the use of any glue) as one desires and with both bases.

Assembly: No part was assembled before painting this to give additional attention to each individual part.

Painting: I have a long history of Blood Angels painting, having an army myself. However I want to push my limits further with Furio. All parts where airbrushed starting from an orange base coat and then shading the required parts to red, then to a darker red always paying attention not to cover the previous tones where needed in order to created the required highlights. These highlights were further enhanced where needed with hand painting. Then I black line worked every individual plate separation with a thin brush.

Once all was done it was a matter of detailing out every single gem and purity seal giving each individual attention. Each gem was done in green which is the colour of the 4th company emblem. Still I did not want to make any specific reference to the 4th so that a play could use him as any company's captain.

Finally I turned my attention to the Power Sword Argento. For this Power Sword I wanted it to look silvery but still with a blue crystalline energy wave pulsing around it. It was so that I first based coated the blade silver and then starte shading from light to dark blue, finally highlighting with pure white.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Furio Argento
Blood Angels
15 Games Workshop
Front view of Ork Nob killing custom base.
Front view of Column custom base.
Back View of Ork Nob killing custom base.
Back View of column custom base.
Ork Nob kill custom base but without purity seal.
Column custom base without Purity seal.
4 Red tones were airbrushed in to create this look.
The Purity Seal can be added or removed without the use of any glue.
The inferno pistol position was lowered to expose the Breast Plate details including the name.
The Argento Power Sword close-up.
Close up of the Ork's Nob final moment.
Full pack that Furio comes with. 2 bases +1 Purity Seal
Furio Argento's BG story.

Coming from an unsung Nomad family on Baal Furio Argenot won the contests held by the Blood Angels showing a remarkable skill in close combat. After a short period serving as a scout, Furio was inducted in the 4th Assualt Squad of the 4th Company.
After quite a short period of time Furio was unanimously elected Sergeant of the 4th Assault Squad after showing a remarkable attitude for adapting to any tatcical situation encountered and even more for his close combat skill with which he defeated any enemy encountered.
What at first look like a promising and fast rise through the ranks stopped by Furio's own will. Furio refused all promotion to either tactical or devastator companies insisting the his was an assuault close combat vocation. There he stay always distinguishing himself more. Assault was what he new and liked best however he always kept a rigid commanding authority on his squad setting examples for all of them. It even became rumoured that the Black Rage did not effect any member of his squad such was the control he exerted on them.
Yet fate was not yet done with him. Noticing his excellent and log honour roll the Sanguinary Guard called for Furio to join their ranks. This was an honour the not even Furio could refuse. Still the Emperor wanted more from Furio. Just upon the even of his induction with the Guard the 4th Company Captain died in battle. Hard pressed the 4th had no other able to replace the Captain and pled Commander Dante to nominate Furio. Dante agreed and it was so the Furio had to stand down from the Guard in order to help his company in the time of need.
Realizing the sacrifice that Furio had to make the Sanguinary Garud honoured Furio by donating him a Master crafted Sanguinary Guard armour but without the distinguishing winged jump-pack and the Power Sword named Argento in his name. Furio accepted the honour and painted his armour red and silver so as not to wear the gold of the Sanguinary Guard.

Blood Angel Captain Furio Argento (SOLD) more minscan be found at my online store or ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he will serv in. More 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.