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In my opinion this miniature is one of the best ever produced by Games Workshop. It really represents the essence of Space Marines as brutal and efficient killers who know how and are well equipped to do their job. From the first day (long years ago) when I saw this miniature I knew that one day I would paint it. Finally that day have come and this below is my version of the Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armour.

Cleaning: Some how I prefer working with metal more than any other material. It is so easy to clean and remove access parts for any type of component. The same story was for this miniature. I found no particular difficulty in cleaning it up and it took me much less time than usual. Once again however I did not assemble any part of this miniature for easy of painting since I was going to you my airbrush heavily on this miniature.

Painting: From the start I have a plan to follow on how to paint this miniature. First I started with a white undercoat in order to make the skull mask, scrolls and purity seals pop as much as I could. Once dray I started painting the Skull Mask by undercoating it with a mix of Bleach Bone and Sneakbite Leather. After I started highlighting by adding more bleached bone to the mix till I came to a final white. Same procedure was used for the Scrolls and Purity Seale but I varied the amount in order to make them look more like leather than bone.

Once finished all these areas were well masked and I started on the black armour. First with a coat of black which was then highlighted with a mix of Commando Kaki and a bit of green. When this was done I shaded this once again with various layers of black ink till I go the desired result. Finally I highlighted the armour edges.

After the black was finished I started on the gold. Once again I did not use metallic colours. Once finished I did the metallic parts by giving a layred of Boltgun Metal which was shade with black ink and highlighted with Mithrill Silver. Once done all I had to do was work on the various decoration this miniature has. I thought it would be easy but there are so many different decorations that it took me quite a while to finish them all. Lots of gems and red for the Purity seals. Each purity seal had to be individually decorated with text but the greatest piece of decorating work of the long scroll that the miniature has in the middle of it's legs. This was decorate with 2 hand painted Inquisition and Imperial eagle symbols besides lots of individual hand painted text.

Special: Being first a Chaplain and then a terminator I wanted this miniature to be immersed in a rough combat scene. What better to show this then placing the Chaplain in the middle of lots of severed ork heads in an urban environment. This is how the base idea came to be. The Chaplain is standing on somthing like 2 ork and 1 nob freshly severed ork head, plus an ork skull and 2 human skull. All this on such a small base but I pulled it out. I bet he really feels at home on this unique custom made base.

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Terminator Chaplain
Warhammer 40k
Games Workshop
Terminator Chaplain - Front view.
Terminator Chaplain - Rare view.
Terminator Chaplain - left view.
Terminator Chaplain - right view.
Notive the scroll writings and badges.
All gold parts are made from non metallic.
Notice the brown to black fading higlights..
The Crozius Arcanum and Storm Bolter.
Unique custom built base full of ork heads.
Freshly severed head + skulls.
This Chaplain was Sold from my online store or my ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he is in. A 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.