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I never thought I would be painting this miniature even if as all miniatures I see from GW there is always the wish to paint each one.

This 30k Azhek Ahriman cam to me as a collaboration request with the YouTube channel OneMindSyndicate. A channel dedicated to 40k lore and gaming. They are avid miniature collectors and when I asked them to have me featured on their channel they chose this for me to paint for them.

Cleaning: As usual cleaning GW miniatures is and easy job that however one has to do carefully.

Pre-assembly: All the miniature was pre-assembled except for the head and cloak/backpack part which I decided to paint separately.

Painting: I had my plans for painting the red and gold parts of this miniature but I never though that the large amount of details present on the miniature would take so long and be quite difficult to paint. The Egyptian theme present on the miniature and the fact that I want to add more of it on the Helmet Crests, the Blade and chains meant lots of hours of detailed work. The runes and thin lines present on the clothing meant that even more detailed and fine brush work had to be done.

I tired an new formula for the gold which really gave me my best result. The red amour was well shaded and highlight but I also gave it a bit of battle weathering which is my style for painting 40k mins.

Specials: Besides the intensive detailed wok on the miniature I wanted to add my personal atmospheric touch. Since the guys at OneMindSyndicate forgot to send me the dead Space Wolf on which Ahriman was standing, I had to find a good idea for the base to replace the dead space marine. What batter to reinforce the particular point in time in the Warhammer 40k lore than a dead great Wolf. There you go a better atmospheric base which all will instantly recognize where Ahriman is standing.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Azhek Ahriman
Thousand Sons
Games Workshop
Ahriman front full detailed view. The Egyptian theme has been pointed out totally.
The white and it's shading came out better in line with the Red white theme of the Thousands Sons
In collaboration with OneMindSyndicate.
The red amour is really well shaded and Highlighted with a bit of what I call battle fatigue.
Detailing in all its aspects was a very hard part of the miniature. Lots of gems and thin lines.
More datelining. The ruen clothing was very difficult to achieve well.
The white runes on the amour really stand out .
The base is unique to this min. The dead wolf head was a must for such an important part of 40k lore.
The new gold paint I tried out and my shading and highlighting formula really came out great.