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Gladio the Saint of Swords is the third in succession in my line of costume built unique Blood Angels Captains.

Background Story: Rising through the ranks of the Blood Angels there are few who could meet the skill of Gladio with his power glaive Vengeance, with which he won countless honors. As soon as he rose to Captain, to push his skill even further, Gladio forged for himself another new power glaive, Retribution. Now using them both in combat, there are even less that can match his close combat skills and he became known as the Saint of Swords.

Pre-Assembly: Giving Gladio the pose he had was know easy task especially the leg pose and the left arm holding Vengeance that had to cross with Retribution. The right leg was cut in two parts and then reassembled. While the hand holding Vengeance had to be take from an old Space Marine kit and cut along the plus and shoulder. Once finished Vengeance itself had to be cut from a Sanguinary Guard right hand and repinned and glued on the left on in order to cross with Retribution. I also cut a bold pistol vanbrace from a Sanguinary Guard arm a remodeled it to fit the old Marine hand that you see now on Gladius. The cape was obtained by molding a Sanguinary Guard banner and making it fit to the back of Gladius armour. The Chaos Terminator base was first done by splitting a Chaos Terminator in half and cutting his twin bolter hand to make him fit on the base. Before attaching him to the base I sculpted all the innards to make him look as if split in half by gladius.

Painting: To paint Gladius I used the same methods as my other Blood Angels. This time I wanted to try my signature Samurai Sword method on Gladio's Glaives by showing the sharpened edge and a very slight thunder effect on the dark side of the glaives.

Specials: Battel damage was added after the paint finish to give everything a more unified and realistic view. Gladio has a unique costume build pose and also an unique custom built base. His Cape is also unique with a wonderful Sanguinius motif. However the two power glaives really steal the show this time.

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Produced by:
Blood Angels
Games Workshop
Vengeance in all it glory notice how many purity seals, seal it's victories.
The unique Blood Angels cape.
Retribution back side. Notice the fine sharpned edge.
Battel damage is everywhere but the paint still stands out to be a very fine one.
The dead Chaos Terminator base - eye popint out
War is a dirty business in reality.