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Fourth in the line of five Blood Angels Captains, I am here presenting you Blood Angels' Captain, Axe Master Ramiel. I was first inspired by the huge double bladed axe the comes with the Sanguinary Guard box set. However I wanted Ramiel to be in a sort of celebrating pose over his enemy. What better then holding such mighty axe aloft on a carnefix’s severed head. To further emphasise Ramiel’s strength and the fact that he is a master in the art of the axe; I gave him another small axe which he is in the act of plugging out from the carnefix’s head.

Pre-Assembly; None of the part composing Ramiel were pre assembled. The pose was a bit complicate to put together so I preferred having all parts painted separately and then assemble them after. To obtain the pose you see I had to cut off the entire right leg and reposition it. I also cut of the double axe holding hand at the shoulder and turn it in order to obtain the upright hand holding position. A bit of extra work was given to the backpack. In order to make it a unique piece I moulded and casted the 2 small wings you see and attached them to the backpack.

Painting: Yet again the painting process is my tried and tested Blood Angel method; that of starting from a light orange and shading up to dark red. The rest is a great attention to detail. Both axes and painted in my katana sharp edge style with a light blue hue to simulate the energy flow around the weapons.

Assembly: Particular attention had to be given to the legs, torso and left hand positioning in relating to the small axe attached in the carnefix mouth. It took quite a bit to make the hand touch the axe hilt in a natural position but as you can see I think I achieved it. The rest was quite easy.

Specials: Besides the custome built pose I had two other special in mind for Axe Master Ramiel. The first was a unique backpack. You can search all around Games Workshop but you will not find another backpack like that. The second is another carnefix head base. I really like how the
miniature can be made to fit naturally on the head.

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Produced by:
Blood Angels
Games Workshop
Master of Axe Ramiel
Back View
Left Side View
Right Side view
Notice the Unique custom built Backpack.
The Katana style axes with blue energy hue.
Notice the light red shades.
The unique custom built Carnefix head base.