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It is my intention to produce a series of 5 unique and custom built Blood Angels Captains. Here is the second in line to this series;

Blood Angel Captain - Roul the Crimson Butcher

Concept: My main idea was for another close combat specialist captain. This time he would be armed with a custom combi plasma pistol / lightening claw and would have been gifted with and Master Crafted Artificer armour which would have included with it a Master Crafted Jump-pack. The overall miniature would have a dynamic unique custom made pose standing upon a unique custom built, freshly killed Carnefix head. The pose would be an open one as if not yet satisfied with the great kill Roul was inviting the next target to come in for a fight with him.

Testfitting: Roul's pose is completely a unique one. I wanted it first of all to fit on the Carnefix head which in turn the head should fix on a normal base. The Carnifex head was cut at a slanting angle to allow for Roul's leg pose to be a heroic but open one. The right leg was cut off and repositioned to allow for a more open look. Both lightening claws were cut off at two joint points to allow for them to open to the left and the right. On the left I fitted a plasma piston and on the right one I put a name ribbon. Both lightening claws joints were resculpted and lot more cables were added to add detail. The master crafted jump-pack was an easy but very effective idea. I always saw the mono jum-packs of the Sanguniry guard wings as to extravagant to go to war with. So why not put them sideways on a normal jump-pack. With this idea I also sculpted a blood angel emblem on top of the jump-pack to make it look more master crafted.
Painting: Painting a Blood Angel artificer armour and making it look good is never easy. The main red is a careful blending of orange, blood red and ogre ink all in different layers of airbrush. Same is for the wings its a careful blend of white and sky blue. The rest is all detailing out especially on the lightening claws and there various cables to make the detail pop up. While the blades of the claws are made by blending from red to orange, yellow and then white to make them look red hot. The carnefix head is made of a base coat of purple which was then highlighted up to flesh and bone.

Assembly: Good test fitting means always and easy assembly. Each part was carefully assembled and pinned. In this way the miniature can resist wargaming handling. The miniature was also clear coated for such reason.

Specials: This Captain has quite a list of special, in fact it is quite a unique miniature. Here below is the list of specials.
Custom scratch built pose;

¦Custom built combi plasma pistol / lightening claw weapons
¦Custom build Carnefix base;
¦Custom built master crafted jump-pack.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Blood Angels
Games Workshop
Fron view - Unique pose required lots of cuts and test fittings.
Back View.
Notice the Carnefix's head spitting gore.
Left view.
Notice the extra cabling added to the lightening claws.
The unique scratch built Combi plasma pistol / lightening claw.
The unique scratrch built Master Crafted Jump-pack
View from above.
You can find more minis for sale at my online store or ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he will serv in. More 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.