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I have to admit that the main idea behind Captain Turiel is not mine. I was instantly attracted to the pose you see now after seeing a Blood Angle Captain in White Dwarf 364. I always wanted to try a Space Marine captain holding is helmet and prompting his man forward so as soon as I saw it realised I had to try it out from myself. The result is what you are seeing now.

Cleaning: As usual all Games Workshop kits are very easy to clean so no problem was encountered during this phase.

Pre-assembly: The arm holding the power sword was slightly cut to make it indicate the direction the Captain was pointing his men to. A hell lot of cutting and test fitting and sculpting went in the other arm holding the helmet to make it look as natural as possible. Both arms were attached to the main body before painting to assure a tight connection. The Captain's back pack was also modified to give it a richer look that would fit a captain.

Painting: I wanted to assure that Turiel had a good painting job as I did for the other captains. I started with the main red, which was airbrushed on to all the parts that needed it. First I started with a light orange which was then shaded gradually till the darker tones. Once Finished I picked up the orange highlight again with a thin brush. The rest was the usual trusty hand brush and patience till I got the finest detail I wanted. I am particularly proud of Turiel's facial expression. Work on such a small surface is very had to get out the expression one want but as you can see I managed to make him look like he is really pushing forward during the thick of the fighting.

Assembly: Assembling the pose was a bit of a problem especially for the Shoulder guards which due to the pose did not want to fit in as I wanted. I had to spend a lot of time test fitting once again the left one till I got it to look as natural as possible but finally I managed it out.

Specials: As specials, Turiel has a custom backpack which is quite unique. I also added a combi bolter/flamer for which it was really hard to find a good looking spot. Besides the great pose I also wanted a special unique base for him, which giving his status as Captain I want it to elevate him above his men. It was so that I moulded a Cherub's face on the base and painted it to look like a broken angel's face on which Turiel would stand. All in all I am very pleased of the final result.

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Blood Angels
Games Workshop
Turiel front view. Custom unique pose holding a death mask. and Angle Head base.
Armed with a combi bolter/flamer.
Notice the power blade's blue energy.
Melat bomb or heavy encounters added.
Pro painted to the finest detail.
Custome built unique backback.