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My latest commission. Another Dark Angel Company master. The 2nd company to be precise. I gladly once again accepted this commission from the same client that commissioned to me Balthasar and Turiel. He only told me that he wanted this to be the 2nd Company Master of the Dark Angels and after some research here he is.

I myself am really pleased with the final result. I managed to transplant the company banner to his cape and keep the overall look of the Miniature a very pleasing one and in line with the colour scheme of the Dark Angels. Believe me it was not easy at all.

No of parts:
Produced by:
2nd Master
Dark Angels
Games Workshop
The company banned has been successfully transplanted to the cape keeping the original Dark Angles general colour scheme.
Cape from the back.
All small details really pop up with this color scheme.
The Dark Angles logo was hard to make but really pops out.
Right view.
Left view.
Face came out grim as I wanted and barely visible but there under the hood.
The combi bolter plasma came out great and full of energy.