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This is another commission given to me by the same client of the Trumiel 2 commission. He bought my Balthasar and commissioned both Trumiel 2 and this Chaplain Seraphicus for his command squad.

Comments by Client:

Seraphicus looks awesome with the flames on his pack. You were definitely right in thinking it would look better. It looks very post-apocalyptic. My favorite part has to be the cape. The colors on it look amazing and make it look like something you'd see in a magazine. The detail on the whole model is incredible, from the Crozius to the shoulder pad.

I immediately accepted to do this commission since I wanted to try out this miniature for a long time. I mostly wanted to do the flames from his backpack. All do them gray to represent smoke but I wanted flames and after seeking the client's permission this you see is the final result. A smoky flame full of dust typical of a Warhammer 40k atmosphere. I am really satisfied of how it cam out and in my opinion it is much better than smoke. I also tried new methods on the black armour which gave that excellent brownish underlayer and white highlight result. Back of the cape was airbrushed while the front dark red part was give a rough weave look with a new highlight method.


Finally don't tell me how I managed to squeeze the name Seraphicus on his shoulder guard. :)


No of parts:
Produced by:
Dark Angels
Games Workshop
The foggy flames are one of the parts I wanted to try out most.
Don't tell me how I managed to paint the name Seraphicus on the Shoulder guard name tag.
Airbrushed green cape for the best results.
Notice the rough weave look of the red cape.
One of the best chaplain helmets I ever made.
The crouzarous in all its glory.