My latest work is another Space Marine Captain but with twist. This time it is a Dark Angel; Company Master Balthasar straight from the new Games Workshop Dark Vengeance box set. Yet again I gave my personal touch to this miniature. I wanted to know who was behind the beautiful helmet of this armour so I modified by custom sculpting a space marine face which I added to the miniature. Now you can have Balthasar with both his helmet and facial versions. Both heads are very easy to interchange, no glue is required and both can be easily stored on the miniature's custom Fallen angel base. Scroll down more to see both versions.

From the first time I saw Balthasar I know I would one day paint it. Not so fast but I am really happy to have done it and made my vision for this miniature come true. This is a splendid Space Marine miniature and besides giving it my best paint job I also wanted to add my touch to it. What if you could see who was Balthasar behind the splendid helmet and also keep the helmet and also be able to swap between them at leisure. This is how my version of Balthasar can to be.

Cleaning: Cleaning Balthasar was really a blast. One again Games Workshop improved on their products and the miniature had very few seam line to remove from all its parts.

Pre assembly: I did not assemble any part of Balthasar this to give me a better position to paint every part separately.

Painting: As said above each part was painted separately so it was important to keep to the same paint tones all over the miniature. All paint mixes were carefully written down. I started with the main skirt. This was given a base coat of Bleached Bone which was then shaded down with various layers of Oger Flash ink. Once dry I lightened back the tone by mixing Bleached Bone to White till I finally highlight with pure white. Next in line came the read cloak. I chose red for the cloak because I want my Balthasar to be different from the rest and in my opinion red fits more with the Dark Angel green. I gave a coat of Blood Red which was once again shaded with layers of Oger flash. Again once dry I highlighted the red with mixes of red and orange till the final pure orange highlight.

Next in line was the armour. I started with a medium mix of green by mixing Snot Green to Dark Angel green. The I shaded the armour with green ink to black ink. Again I highlighted with a mix of lighter greens. Next cam the white parts, including the feather on the helmet which were a real challenge. A mix of grey and white created the first stage of shading. This was then highlighted with white but then I had to do a lot of black lining with each error done had to be corrected on the spot with grey and finally white.

Once done the final challenge was the power sword and its crystalline effect. Silver was the base coat which was then shaded with light sky blue. The light blue parts were shaded towards the centre with blue ink always adding more shading to the centre. Finally thin line of silver then pure white were used for the final highlights.

Specials: Custom head: To do the head I took a spur Space Marine head from my bits box but still it had not the veteran, grim Dark Angel Company Master I wanted. After some reference research I sculpted the head with longer (would be white) hair to give that old veteran look and to add more to the Dark Angel look I added the classic feather to the hair.

The Fallen Angel base: To produce the fallen angel base I made a mould of a Dark Angel Pendant I have which was then casted in fibreglass. Once done I cut the cast in strategic pieces and inserted them in sculpting paste with which I sculpted the base. Once nearly dry I inserted Balthasar to position him as I wanted on the base and let dry. I also casted a Chaos Space Marine helmet which I painted to look like a Crimson Slaughter one. Once done it was just a matter of painting the base. I suggest you watch my Balthasar's video to have a proper look at the base.

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Dark Angels
Games Workshop
Balthasar in classic helment version.
Balthasar facial version and helment on base.
Balthasar back view.
Facial version back view.
Right hand side view.
Facial version left hand side view.
Left hand side view.
Nothice the Custom sculpted feather in the head hair.
Pure Dark Angel green armour.
The face head can also be stored on the base.
Notice the detailed feathers and Dark Angel Pendant.
Dark Angel Company Master Balthasar can be found at my online store or ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he will serv in. More 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.