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Mt latest commission. Another Dark Angel Librarian Trumiel from the Dark Vengeance Box set. I gladly accepted this commission even if I knew this miniature was not an easy one at all to paint.

Comments by Cllient:

Turmiel looks equally impressive. The detail is top notch, and it looks exactly how I envisioned it would

Here you can see the result for yourselves. I myself cannot decide if it is better or the same as the one I did before it. Sure it is not worts than the one I did beofre it. It came out extremely well in my opinion. This I leave for you to decide.


No of parts:
Produced by:
Trumiel 2
Dark Angel
Games Workshop
Full front view
Full Back view
The Force Sword in all its hot glory
The Cloak came out great but was hard to do.
That is the face of a Librarian about to kill you.
The blue tone of the armour came out good.