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The Death Watch. Again a set of miniature I have always wanted to paint from the moment I first seen them. These are some of the best is nit the best miniature produced by Games Workshop. The amount of individual detail on each marine is astonishing and really fits well with the najture of the mission that these team undertake.

Cleaning: As usual cleaning games workshop miniature is never a big problem. Non of the miniature gave me trouble and all resulted in a perfect clean of all parts.

Pre-assembly: The miniatures were preassembled according to the best way I thought I could paint them with ease and detail. This resulted in some of them being full assembled and some partially assembled.

Paint: All Death watch teams follow the same painting patterns, a black power amourwith the left arm in a silver tone. However each of them had to keep the right shoulder pad with the colours of their main chapter and all of them had many individual detail. As i siad these space marine miniature are some of the best ever produced by Games workshop for their individual detail. The silver arm was a simple layring of gunmetal paint which was shade in first black, highlighted and then reshaded in blue ink to be finally highlighted in silver. Black was obtained by layring 5 layers of very thin black in order to keep the overall armour paint very smooth. The rest of the details was individually painted according to the ministure.

Specials: As specials every miniature had thier individual namve written down somewhere on theri armour and each had a custom base, uniquely built to creat a Genestealer butchring which created a unique atmosphere whcich unites all the squad as one.

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Death Watch
Games Workshop
Captain Artemis - Front view.
Edryc Setorax Raven Guard - Front View.
Rodricus Grytt Imperial Fists - Front view.
Ennox Sorrlock (Iron Hands) - Front view.
Vael Donatus (Ultramarines) - Right view.
Captain Artemis - Back view.
Edryc Setorax Raven Guard - Back View.
Rodricus Grytt Imperial Fists - Back side view.
Ennox Sorrlock (Iron Hands) - Back view.
Vael Donatus (Ultramarines) - Back View.
Captain Artemis - Left Side.
Edryc Setorax Raven Guard - Left sideView.
Rodricus Grytt Imperial Fists - Right side view.
Ennox Sorrlock (Iron Hands) - Left side view.
My full Death Watch team.
Vael Donatus (Ultramarines) - right side view.