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Flash Tearers Sergeant.

This Sergeant was to be part of a large detachment commissioned to me by a client but due to unforeseen circumstance an although he liked the work very much the client was kind enough to inform me that he could not pay for the rest of the detachment. It was so that the sergeant remained on his own and for sale. According to the client wishes the miniature had to have a lot of battle damage and a lot of carnage on the base. Typical of the Flash Tearers, as you can see I complied with the client's wishes.

Pre-Assembly: After some test fitting I managed to obtain the pose as the client wished. The sergeant aiming his bolter while leaning, resting or crushing a cultist head with his chain sword. The chain sword was also purposely shortened to give the impression that the force of the blow dug in the earth. Against the general thought the battle damage was not applied during this phase but after the painting was finished. This to give a more natural damaged look.

Painting. Once again the main red was airbrushed from orange to multiple layers of increasing shades of red. The final orange highlights were applied with a brush. The black was obtained by applying multiple layers of thinned down black on a grey base coat. Detailed were painted on with a fine brush and then battle damage was applied.

Assembly was quite a straight forward one with no problems at all.

Specials: As per the client's wishes the specials on this figure were the battle damage and the base which had to be littered with human remains.

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Flash Tearer
Games Workshop
Front view - battel damage.
Cultist crushed head unique base.
Back view -more battel damage
Flash Tearer red really stands out.
Flash Tearer Banner.
Great unique custom pose.