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Took a small break from painting my much apprecited Blood Angel Captains series to paint this now rare metal miniature that I manage to obtain.

Grey Knight Captain - Casius

Vision: As soon as I saw this miniature an idea popped into my head on how I wanted this miniature to look. Grey Knights fight demons so I want Casius to be holding the head of a vanquished demon ready to launch it into a sea of magma in order to banish the demon back to hell where it belongs.

Pre-Assembly: I did not assemble any part of Casius. I just assured that all parts fitted perfectly.
New Parts: Three new parts were added to Casius standard miniature to complete the vision I had for this miniature. A huge exotic animal cloak, a slashed demon head and a lava stream volcanic base. The cloak is also completely removable with no glue need. It can be put on or off as the player wishes.

Painting: On the whole Casius is a standard terminator. I took care to paint the metallic fell as good as possible by giving a base coat of chain mail which I shaded with black ink. Once dry the black in was highlighted back with chain mail then rewashed with blue ink and finally highlighted with silver. The rest is all decorations in gold, skin or red colour to keep the colour pallet a simple as possible. The halberd blade was given a energy metallic feel by painting the blade silver, washing with blue ink and then with black finally highlighting with white. The cloak fur was first give a base coat of yellow, which was then shaded with orange ink. Once dry I highlighted with white finally adding the jaguar spots to give it an extinct or exotic animal look not the usual wolf pelt.

Assembly was quite easy. Seven pieces are easy to glue and pin together. However I had to take great care in order to adept the cloak to the terminator armour and make it possible for it to be removed and put back on the miniature without damage to it.

Specials: As explained before Casius has three special which help give this miniature a background story which make it more valuable and unique. These are the following:
1. Slashed Demon head,
2. Exotic animal cloak and,
3. Chaos Volcanic magma stream base

No of parts:
Produced by:
Grey Knights
Games Workshop
Grey Knight Captain Cassius with cloak.
Grey Knight Captain Cassius without cloak.
Full back view with cloak.
Full back view without cloak.
Notice the totally banged up demon face.
The iconic Grey Knight Halbard came out nice.
The exotic pelt cloak completely removable at once wish.
Notice the details of the name and gold trims.
Right side view with cloak.
Right side view without cloak.
Notice the details of the storm bolter.
Notice the detail of the purity seals.