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I had always wanted to try out some of the new Tyranids miniatures but never found the chance. Lately however I managed to paint two Hive Tyrants' heads for 2 of my Blood Angels miniature and wanted to try out the paint scheme and method on a full miniature. This gave me a new stimulus to try out a complete figure and what you see below is the result.
Preparation and Pre Assembly: Being a metal miniature I had quite a hard time to prepare it for painting. All parts were quite complicated to clean since all had lots of various scales and horns making it difficult to reach certain areas. The torso was also quite complicate to prepare and assemble match since it was divided in three parts. At the end of the process all the miniature was assembled to be able to paint the armour and skin schemes all in one go since both involved a lot of blending and highlights.

Pose: I never was satisfied with the pose the Hive Tyrant is assembled in so I decided to try and convert the pose to the one I had in mind which would not be easy since the way the miniature is built does not leave much room for converting. My idea was always that of a triumphant Hive Tyrant which is advancing on the last remnants of an opposing force bringing the well known Tyranid infestation on him which is reflected on the base itself. So both upper arms a wide spread indicating the triumph which the lower death spitter arms are lowered in the act of finishing off the last enemies. Also the foot is placed on a rock to give a more imposing and commanding impression. Finally the base is full of rapidly decaying human figures, skulls, weapons and organs with a tyranid reaper clearly cleaning them off indicating that more swarms are following. Finally the once green grass rapidly giving way to the blood and slime the Tyranids are generating.
Painting: As mentioned before my new paint scheme for Tyranids involved a lot of blending and highlighting. I started with a total base of dark purple. For the skins I started highlighting with a mix of dark purple and bone colour, starting from a darker purple mix to keep on adding bone. When finished I shaded the result with flash ink and then black in to rehighlight with bone which gave the end result you see. For the armour I first shaded with black and then started highlighting the edges with lighter shades of purple till white. The bone sword and whip were painted separately giving the a red blended slimy texture for the whip and a total bone texture for the sword of which both I am very satisfied of the result.
Assembly: Since the miniature was already fully assembled before painting all I had to do was to add the Tyranid Advancing Infestation base to it.
Specials: Specials for this miniature are the converted commanding pose and the unique custom built, Tyranid Advancing Infestation base. Ideas behind these are already explained above

No of parts:
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Hive Tyrant
Games Workshop
Full view front.
Full view left side.
Notice the slimy effect on the wip.
The blending of the purple armour took 7 layers.
Full view right side.
the death spitters came out well too.
Full view back.
The texture on the bone sword came out great.
The skin texture took 10 layers.
The unique custom built Tyranid advancing infezstation base.