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I have always wanted to paint this miniature from the day Kranon the Relentless came out. In my opinion this is one of the best chaos space marine miniature ever to be produced by Games Workshop.

Infact I have 3 of these miniatures because I wanted to paint them in different chaos chapter's colours. Here is my first of such leaders for your chaos forces. The Iron Warriors WarSmith.

Cleaning: This miniature might seem complicated to clean but infact it surpisingly is not. Ver easy to clean.

Pre-assembly: Non of the 4 parts were pre assembled. Each were painted individually.

Painting: This miniature might seem very complicated to paint. I can't say it is not but keeping the parts unassembled it becomes much easier to paint the individual parts. The Iron Warriors painting scheme really helped to make the painting much easier and to help me gaining experience in the next paints I will do of his miniature.

Assembly: Apart for the sword hand which gave me a bit of trouble to position the sword well not of the other parts were difficult to assemble.

Specials: The miniature is really good as it is but it deserves a really good atmospheric base. One full of skulls and the impossible to miss Space Marine helmet trophy.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Iron Warrior
Games Workshop
Chaos flesh is infesting the sword and the warsmith.
This Cloak is what I call a perfect work. Look how the different tones of colour blend together. Airbrush not used.
The sword really came out good. I wanted warp flesh to be seen infesting it with its magical warping powers.
The plasma pistol too has this warp flash warping effect.
The cloak fur gives him a feral look.
Full of beheaded trophies my warsmith is aiming at another one for his collection.