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I have always wanted to paint this miniature from the day Kranon the Relentless came out. In my opinion this is one of the best chaos space marine miniature ever to be produced by Games Workshop.

Infact I have 3 of these miniatures because I wanted to paint them in different chaos chapter's colours. Here is my second of such leaders for your chaos forces. The Night Lords Chaos Champion..

Cleaning: This miniature might seem complicated to clean but infact it surpisingly is not. Very easy to clean.

Pre-assembly: Non of the 4 parts were pre assembled. Each were painted individually.

Painting: Painting this miniature was a bit harder then the Iron warrior because of the gold. To get a good gold I had first to underpaint the golden parts with chain mail and then gold on the. This was then to be corrected time and again with blue all over the armor which took quite a lot of time to get right. However I used a lot of tricks which were the same as the ones I used on the Iron Warrior so this helped accelerate the process.

Assembly: Apart for the sword hand which gave me a bit of trouble to position the sword well not of the other parts were difficult to assemble.

Specials: The miniature is really good as it is but it deserves a really good atmospheric base. One full of skulls big skulls and blood lots of them. Also as you can see the chaos blade is already corrupting the earth around it.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Night Lords
Games Workshop
Once again I managed to nail the warping effect on the blade I wanted it to look like.
The cloak came out great. Great contrast and blending at the same time considering it is all done by brush only.
This miniature has great details which have been further enhanced by my painting as the lightening bolts all over the armor. A Night lords classic.(Must)
The pooping eyes on the pistol and on the armor is what I really like of this miniature. The look so alive.
Flesh, bone and iron all blend very well on this miniature.
Little touches here and there like this skull help to bring this miniature to life.