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One of the toughest miniature I had to paint in my 30 year long experience of miniature painting. Due to the limited free time I have to dedicate to my hobby the whole process of painting this miniature took me around 6 months of my free time.

May I present you Primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines and actual Lord regent of the Imperium of man.

Cleaning: 44 parts of finely detailed armor and weapons are not that easy to clean. Again I congratulate GamesWorkshop for the fine art in producing these highly detailed miniature but a primarch is no easy job to clean.

Pre-assembly: All the body was pre-assembled before paint. The head, helmet, sword of the emperor, backpack and base were kept separate till all the painting process was over.

Paint. Painting this miniature was 6 months of applying all the skill I have learned in all these years to produce one of the finest miniature I have ever made. Sometimes it was frustrating but many of the time it was a great challenge and pleasure to paint this miniature. The sword of the emperor in particular with the flame colours fading from dark red to pure white is of great satisfaction for me. However painting the Aromr of Faith intricate detail gold work while keeping the finished blue under it clean was desperate at some times and very trying.

Assembly: Assembly took its time to combine the various pieces well without damaging the paint work. A lot of this went in the pre-assembley process which granteed a smooth attachment of all the pieces. The ammo feed of the Hand of Dominion was quite hard to achieve in this respect.

Specials: The one special I did for this miniature is that fact that the miniature can be displayed with either Gulliman's head or with his helmet on. The helmet is also integrated with the base in order to keep all the miniature in one piece all the time.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Roboute Guilliman
Games Workshop
Full front view.
Full Back view.
Full right view.
The blue of the amour consists of multiple layers of of blue paints and ink layers.
The miniature can be displayed either with or without helmet.
The golden detail of the armor offers a fine contrast to the blue but is a hell to paint.
Close detail of the Gulliman's face where I tired my best to give him a stern expression.
The Sword of the Emperor is one of my finest miniature modeling achievement.
This miniature can withstand the closest of cameras shots. Your eyes will not catch this amount of detail.
Notice the natural looking form of the flame of the torches and the Emperor's Sword.