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It had been a while since I painted a space wolf and with so many good miniature and wolves coming out I wanted to once again try out a new space wolf lord.

Here is the result, Something I am really proud of.

Preparation: As usual Games Workshop miniatures are the best in town. I found no difficulty in cleaning the miniature.

Assembly. Due to the custom nature of the pose the wolf lord lots of test fitting had to be done on the upper body of the lord. Finally the body and the two hands were glued together with the cape, leaving the leg parts and the head separate. The wold was fully assembled but I added a lot fo features like greater fangs, claws and fur to make it even more imposing.

Painting: Painting a space wolf is never an exact science since Games Workshop has not yet so far set a standard colour on which to base the space wolf armour. It a mix of Gray and blue till you get the tone you want. If you are going to paint a full army I suggest you mix a lot so as to have the best tone. Once the base coat was done, I gave one layer of blue wash and then a thinned down layer of black wash. Once dry I highlighted the whole miniature it lighter tones of gray until I finally highlighted with pure white. For the fur I wanted something different. I first started with a red wash all over. After, I shaded at the canter of the fur parts with black washes. Leaving a small part to the red was visible. Finally I highlighted the red part with scarab red. This highlight was also partially sent into the black to blend the colours together. Finally I gave a pure white highlight all from the white of the fur to the red to the black, this to blend and make the different fur colours appear as a whole living thing. This method was later used on the Fenrisian wolf to suggest a linkage or bondage between the Wolf Lord and his wolf. These were the main aspects of the miniature, the rest was all a matter of fine detaling.

Assembly: Having properly test fitted the whole miniature before the painting, the assembly of the Wolf Lord was quite a smooth one. The wolf on the other hand had a couple of gap filling difficulties since to make him more imposing I modified a lot of fur, fangs and claws.

Special: Both the wolf Lord and his wolf companion have a special unique custom base made for them. The two bases match one another so as to show they are together. However the Wolf Lords has a Carnifex head base and the wolf has 2 dead men base which probably are the carifex's victims. The wolf has greater volumes of hair and enlarged claws and fangs. On the other hand the Wolf Lord has a custom pose in which he is yielding a giant 2 handed power hammer while have added measures of protection in the form of a storm shield.

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Space Wolves
Games Workshop
The Wolf Lord and his Fenrisian Wolf companion/
Wolf Lord Front View.
Wolf Lord back view. The fur is very similar to the wolf companion suggesting some kind of bondage between the two.
Notice how big the custom power hammer is.
The Shield came out really well and

the wolf emblem on it has been copied to the shoulder guard.


Custom base with dead Carnefix head.
The wolf was custom sculpted with bigger teeth claws, fur and a custom base.
I wanted something different for the wolf's fur and quite like the result.