Assassins are my favourite amongst the agents of the Imperium. In my collection I have at least one of each and two Eversor Assassins. For any coments please E-mail or sign my guest book.

Imperial Assassins Gallery.
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Imperial Assassins
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Takemda Manus Mortis is the first Assassin I ever painted. He is an expert in unarmed combat. He is rumoured to have managed to crack oper a Chaos Terminator with his bare hands.
Sybil Blade runner is my Callidus Assassain. She is the master of disguise thanks to her use of polymorphin many of my enemies have fallen. She is even konwn to be one of the few to perfectly imitate the Eldar. Her most notable kill is the Farseer Lonathir Sky Watcher.
Duhok Aura Mortis is my cillexus assassin. Many psykers from all the races in the galaxy have fallen to his mortal blows. Most noted of his kill is the Thousands Sons chaos Librarian Lucius The Manipulater during the battel for Station 79.
Diablos Hell's Messenger is my first Eversor Assassain. Only hell knows what this men is capable of. Under his belt he keeps trophies of leaders and commanders including their body guards from all the existing races in the Warhammer universe.
Arkan Eye of Death is my Vindicare Assassain. He is responsible for the death of hundreds of the enemy of the Emperor. He once nearly managed to kill Gazghkull himself.
Tormentus is one of my 2 Eversor Assassains. He is the greatest butcher I have ever seen. Till now he has failed no target assigined to him. Most notable of his kill the the butchering of the World Barers Chief Librarian and his entire body guard on Orphus.