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Directly fro the Warhammer Assault on Black Reach box comes this hard to find Ultramarine Captain miniature I always wanted to paint. This figure resulted in a quite difficult one to find since Games Workshop only sell it with the box not as a single miniature.

Cleaning and Assembly: Cleaning was quite a simple process as it is nearly with all Games Workshop plastic miniature and this captain was no exception. No part was assembled as this made it aesrie for me to paint all the parts separately.

Painting: I look quite a bit at the Black Reach box art before deciding on the colours to paint my captain with. I even considered painting it for my own marine chapters but in the end I kept with it true nature and went of an imperial Ultramarine style. I started first with the cape. Some 4 layers from orange to red to ogre flash went to create the shadings and the highlights. I also decided to use masking for the white line instead of decals since the result is more natural if you know how to do it. Masking such a thin line is never an easy task. It took me around 45 min of masking to obtain what you see.

It was also the first time I tried gold without using metallic paints. Can you see where? It on the banner's imperial eagle. I wanted to look gold but different from the rest of the gold since it was made of cloth. Another object that took a lot of time was the power sword. It was quite hard to get that sharp but energy type feeling you can see on it.

Special: A veteran Captain like this one deserved a more elevated place from where to show his status. It was so that I put him on a special Maltese marble base. I also added an ork head which can also be removed and replaced if one want to show that he is on Black Reach.

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Ultramarine Captain
Games Workshop
Full front view of the captain
Optional ork head. Can be romoved from base.
Back view. The Maltes marble base is great.
The power sword - sharp energetic effect.
Notice the sharpness of the white cape line.
Left view.
Cape in all it's detail.
Frontal Detail.
The Black Reach Ultramarine Captain was sold in Singapore at my online store. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he will serv. More 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.