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Once again, directly from the Warhammer Assault on Black Reach box comes this hard to find Ultramarine Captain miniature. This time in a white version. This is why I like this hobby only your imagination is the limit and results can be a lot different even on the same miniature.

Cleaning and Assembly: Cleaning was quite a simple process as it is nearly with all Games Workshop plastic miniature and this captain was no exception. No part was assembled as this made it easier for me to paint all the parts separately.

Painting: Painting was started buy airbrushing the white cape and lion cloth. This to obtain a perfectly blended light blue in the white which will compliment the blue amour. Once done I added the blue line on both the cape and lion cloth. After I began working on the backpack and banner in the usual blue . A main difference I wanted to try our with this miniature was non metallic gold. I got the basic from the White Dwarf magazine but as usual their tutorials do not work for me so I went on with my own colour mixing. This consist of around 15 steps to obtain the final result you see. This time I also wanted a normal power sword to compliment the master crafted bolter which I painted gold to indicate its value and status. More precise lettering was obtained by carefully placing decals.

Special: A veteran Captain like this one deserved a more elevated place from where to show his status. It was so that I once again decided to put him on a special custom built base. This time it is a fallen angle statue which was painted in a Gary urban colour to indicate it as a ruin which fell from a high up building.

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Ultramarine Captain
Games Workshop
Full front view of the captain
Back view notice the Imperial Eagle.
Left View.
Right View.
Notice the sharpness of the white cape's blue line.
The captain stands on a unique custome built base.
Front closer detail.
Both weapons in detail. Non metallic Gold.
The fallen angel base seen from above.
The Black Reach Ultramarine Captainin was sold at my online store or ebay.I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for the army he will serv. More 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.