This is my utmost favoured Wahrammer 40, 000 model of all my collection, the Avatar. It took me 720 hours (1 month) of work and 8 successive layers of paint to produce it. Belive me this photo dose only express a fraction of its beauty. My avatar is rarely called in battel but he never failed me when I sacrificed a young king to him.

Cleaning. The miniature needs particular attention when cleaning in all it's parts. particularly hard was removing all the seam line from it's top hair part.

Assembling: I assembled all of the miniature before painting it.

Painting: As I said further up this miniature's paint is the result of 8 successive layers of paint and ink. I first started with a white undercoat. Then I painted black all the inner line and armor openings. The I added white agian for the under armour and finally yelloe and all it shading. Then I passed to the armour. I first made a base coat of red and orange and after 8 layers fo a mix of brown red and black ink with a final highlight of red and red ink alone I obtained what you see. It is important to note that I painted this miniature section by section I.E. first all of a leg then all of the other leg, the lion cloth and so on.

Specials: I took particular attention in all the gems around the miniature and also to show the hot nature of the avatar I gaded both the sword and Avatar's horn ends.

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