This is the Eldar Gallery page. Eldar have always been my favourite models to paint and even to play with. I have won many battles at the head of my Saim-Hann Craftworld worriers. Some of the miniatures found in these Eldar gallaries are not of such a good quality painting as the rest. This because many of my troops soilders where the first miniatures I started painting Warhammer 40,000 and from then onwards I had never the time to do another set or repaint them.

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Eldar Characters
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Antheus Starblazer is the Farseer of my craftworld besides him is RanHar Sprit Talke Antheus has lead my craftworld successfully in many battels. It was he who discovered where Karandras's armour was and subsequently lead to expidition which retrived it. Presently together with his body guards he is at Armageddon following the path he devined fighting only for my craftworld future.

My Craftworld First encountered Karandras Shadow Hunter during the battel of The Jeweled Tears where his armour was found by a destined Striking Scorpion Kudras. From then onwards Karandras has fought many times along my worriors in times of need as sign of gratitude.
Fugan the Burning Lance has rarely visdited my craftworld. Only in times of greatest need we have seen him. Thanks to him we managed to survive with minimal losses through such times. Lagendary was his deed when leading a squad of Fire Dragons he managed to eradicat an entire (5) Wolf Guard Terminator squad and seriously wounding Ragnar Blackmane their leader.
Maugan Ra only visited my craftworld once till now. He gave some good lessons to two of my Dark Rapier Exarchs. During the Wolf tide battel he alone kept at bay an entire pack of 10 Grey Hunters.
Jain Zar The Storm of Silence frequently visits my craftworld. She seems to pay particular attention to on of my youngest Howling Banshee squads The Sirens of Siam Hann which is still in training (painting) phase with its exarch Death Song.