This is the Eldar Gallery page. Eldar have always been my favourite models to paint and even to play with. I have won many battles at the head of my Saim-Hann Craftworld worriers. Some of the miniatures found in these Eldar gallaries are not of such a good quality painting as the rest. This because many of my troops soilders where the first miniatures I started painting Warhammer 40,000 and from then onwards I had never the time to do another set or repaint them.

Aspect Worriors Gallery.
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Aspect Worriors
Games Workshop
Bethorin Sprit Hawk leads to battel my Swooping Hawks. His is one of the most known and famous worriors in my craftworld but his history is covered with mystery. He is well known for his stealth abilities many of my enemies have died from his laser blaster or granades without even knowing who killed them. He is even known as a good close combat fighter having killd an Ork warboss with his power sword. Still he is always in search of another ork war boss Dorak the Skul who is known to have killed his brother and forced Bethorin to become an exarch which personality dominated even the first owner of his exarch suit.

My Dire Avengers are lead by Sirkas The Nobel One. He has served my craftworld well defending it for about 500 years now, he has many battels at his back and is nearly venerated by the other Dire Avengers. He had even the honour to serve as young king in his youth. Most memorable of his actions is an ambush on ork raiders during the 3rd invasion of Armageddon where with only 2 casulties from his 9 member squad he closed the orks escape route killing the all. Sirkas has even lead successful expititions in the Eye of Terror to retrive valuable Sprit Stones for my Craftworld.
Set of 10 five of which where commissioned to me.
Avagar Skull Taker(Black) & Tanbir Head Hunter (Blue) are my Dark Rapier sqaud leaders they are both equally matached in battel. Rumours say that first wearers of these suits where twins. They are always in competition with each other sometimes even causing trouble in my battel lines.
Fugar Fire Spear is the leader of my Fire Drgon squad. He is a specilist in tank busting having many ork and imperial armour as trophies. He is 300 years old and is said to have be instructed personally by Fugan himself. Most remembered of his actions is the destroying of 5 Speed Freaks bikes which threatned to outflank my army in the Blood Valley battel.
Stiges Ruen Stinger is my Striking Scorpion leader. He managed to come out of many dangerous situations but not always his followers were with him. He is always in the middel of the thickest fighting hendling his mighty Executioner with great ease. He even managed to kill 3 Chaos terminators.
These are my Howling Banshees and Warp Spiders. Their Exarch have been killed and their suits are currently waiting for another predestined(not yet painted). I am sure there will be one.