Cleaning :One has to be sure to clean all the part of this kit especially those that will result in being seen (the outer parts) when the kit is finished.

Assembling: The kit was partially assembled before painting. I assembled all of the lower hull and the upper torret and left the upper armored hull on it own. Finally after being painted I added all the smaller parts and the cockpit's wind screens.

Painting: The lower hull was sprayed black highlight and all the rest of the details added. The real work was on the hull and torret. I gave them at least 4 or 5 coats of thinned down red then passed all the pannel lines with thinned down purple and finallly highlight and added the details and markings.

Specials: Grate attention was given to the decale placing as it this was a real tank.

Falcon Grav Tank Gallery.
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Falcon Grav tank
Multi part kit
Games Workshop