I have managed to obtain another limited edition miniature. This time it is the Emperors Champion. My special thanks go to Butch Arocena who sold me the miniature and to Portent's Auction. Find below all the information about it and why I wanted this miniature so much.

Warhammer Special Limited Edition.
No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Emperor's Champion
Limited Edition
Games Workshop
Real History is found painted on this miniature:
Notice the half white and half red eight pointed cross that is found on the miniature's left sholder pad, left foot, head and backpack, this emblem is that of the Maltese Knights of Saint John, an ancient military order from the times of the 3rd Crusade. This is the symbol which guided my people during its darkest times in the year 1565. A period of real history which we and the rest of the world remember as the GREAT SIEGE OF MALTA. This is the reason why I wanted to paint this miniature. When I first saw the eight pointed cross on this miniature I was inspeired to bring a great page of real history of my country to the Warhammer 40,000.
Warhammer History for this Miniature:
In the darkest times after the Hours Heresy Leman Russ the Space Wolf Primarch was fighting along side the newly founded Black Templars in one of the hardest battels he had ever found himself in. These were desperate minutes in which all the Templars had been wiped out except one which was the crusade's chossen Emperors Champion. His name was Joseph and after long hours of fighting alongside Leman Russ himself he gave his life to defend the Primarch from a lethal blow. After hours the battel was over but Russ did not forget his saviour and the story he told him before dying. The champion told him that he was the last of his race, a bloodline of ancient worriors comming from a long dead island on ancient earth which was known as Malta as the white and red eight pointed cross on his sholder pad demonstrated. A race which had seen great hardship during a famous siege in the year 1565 similar in proportion of forces to that which Horous did on the Emperor's Palace. Russ honoured to be saved by such a warrior decided to continue this tradition and so from that time on the Space Wolfs Emperor's Cjampion till this day always wears Joseph's ancient armour with its eight pointed white and red cross.