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After such a long period of time I finally found the inspiration to paint a Space Marine Squad once again. I would like to present to you my Mentor Legion Elite Cadre Assault Squad.

The main reason I was inspired to paint this Squad -and I hope more Squads in the future- was their background story besides their cool colour scheme. The Mentor Legion are one of those forgotten chapters but which in my opinion have a very cool and interesting background story.

In short the Mentor Legion have an extraordinary capacity for learning, particularly on military matters. They are very keen on learning on all aspects of war and have an official sanction by the Adeptus Terra to battle test new equipment which might be later used by other Chapters. In this regards their modus operandi is also very different from other Chapter. They land Squads to all Imperial armies in need. The amount of Marines landed depends on the need that particular army might have. This serves for 2 main reasons that of field testing and data gathering in the many different aspect of war as possible. This makes them the perfect allies for any Imperial army. Their elite cadres are the best the Imperium can produce.

History: For full details of the Mentor Legion Background history just click.

Assembly: Preassembling these 5 miniature would have been an easy job if not for the fact that I wanted to improve a lot on there assault poses. To do so and see them as they are today I had to cut nearly every joint, replace bolt pistols with plasma pistols and swap weapons from one hand to another. A lot of test fitting went on till I got the pose I wanted and them I pinned every part of each miniature with the other in order to obtain a very solid final miniature which would be able to withstand many wargaming days.





No of parts:
Produced by:
Mentor Legion
Warhammer 40k
5 marines
Games Workshop
Sergeant Kayale Gunslinger.
Notice the bionic eye, Asuspex and even the bionic eye on the helmet for data collection.
Marine 001 with bolt pistol and Chain Sword
White and green tones were easy to obtain.
Marine 002 Plasma Pistol and Chainsword.
All Mentor legion emblem are hand painted.
Marine 004 Plasma Pistol and Chainsword.
Red scheme of plasma pistol is to indicate a test weapon.
Marine 005 Bolt pistol and Chainsword.
Elite cadre are always equipped with the latest weapons from the Imperium.
The full Mentor Legion Elite Cadre assault squad Kayael. As all the Mentor Legion Marines this squad is landed to Imperial armies in need for weapon testing and battlefield data collection.
Equipped with a bionic eye, an asuspex and another extra bionic eye on the helmet, Sergeant Kayale is well fitted for his role of data collector but is also assisted by the rest of his squad.
The higher number of plasma pistols and also their red colour scheme is to indicate that these are test weapons and are being field tested by squad Kayael. This simple modification contributes to the story background of the Mentor Legion.


Painting: The colour scheme of the Mentor Legion is well established and easy to obtain. I first airbrushed the base coats of the green with scorpion green and the white with Space Wolf Grey. Once done I shaded the green with Dark Angle green and highlighted the white with pure skull white were needed in order to obtain the shadings and highlights I wanted. The weapons and extra bits were hand painted on their own in the colour schemes you see which are very basic and easy to paint.

Special: In order to keep with the Mentor Legion BG story, I painted the Extra number of plasma pistols in a red colour scheme in order to make them stand out. This served for two main reasons. First to show that the plasma pistols are present in a much greater number than normal and second to show that they are not the usual standard plasma pistols. These are test weapons which the Mentor are testing out for future Space Marine use. To continue to reinforce this test and study aspect of the Legion I added an Asuspex, a bionic eye and another bionic eye on the helmet of the sergant of the squad which permits him to record data. I also added a telescopic targeter to one of the bolt pistols to show that it is not the usual bolt pistol.

This Squad has been sold in the US but you can find othe miniaturew painted by me for sale at my online store or my ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for your army. A 360 degrees video can be found at my YouTube Channel.