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This Space Wolf pre-Heresy Gary Hunter squad was commissioned to me 2 years ago. The commissioner wanted a well painted but rough look Space Wolf Gary Hunter pack. He wanted a wolf champion in the squad as well. Unfortunately although the commissioner was very happy with the final result, he has failed to contact me for the final part of the deal which was the sending of this squad and a custom Wolf Lord which you can see on this website.

I have waited 2 years and repeatedly tried to contact him but with no reply. This is why I have now decided to put this squad and the Wolf Lord on sale on my ebay account. This was the only failed commission so far. Guess it had to happen one day or another.

No of parts:
Produced by:
Pre Heresy
Space Wolves
10 mins
Games Workshop
The Gary Hunter Sergeant. The min came out so good it can be used as a WolfLord. 2 in 1. :)
A wolfen Champion.
Gary hunter Squad Champion.
Gary Hunter plasma gunner.
Gary Hunter Squad Member with wolf pelt tunic.
Gary Hunter with Wolf Helm.
Gary Hunter Wolfen.
Gary Hunter with wolf pelt tunic 2.
Gary Hunter with wolf pelt.
Grace Hunter wolf pelt 2.
Gary Hunter Sergeant/Lord back view.
Wolfen Champion back view.
One of the many wolf pelt in this Gary Hunter pack,
Gary Hunter Sergeant/Lord back view.