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This miniature was commissioned to me by a new client which wanted a Pre Heresy Wolf Lord and army. After finishing the first tactical squad which you will see soon and I took the hang of the painting scheme the client wanted.

The client wanted me to give his whole army a used and feral look with dull, savage colours without the luster of the actual Space wolves. He want his too look hard and tough look.

I have waited 2 years and repeatedly tried to contact him but with no reply. This is why I have now decided to put this Wolf Lord and the related Grey Hunter full squad on sale on my ebay account. This was the only failed commission so far. Guess it had to happen one day or another.


Pose modification: The client wanted his wolf lord to have and assault cannon and a power axe. He also requested that his amour be modified to a pre heresy terminator amour. He provided the shoulder pad but I had to sculpt the leg parts. I also modified the pose to make it look more dynamic by bring the left arm up and bending the right leg at the knee to fit on a rock and giving the lord a more heroic position. Lots of fur sculpting went in to make all connection look natural. A costume base was also sculptured for this lord to make it fit the pose.

Pre-assembly: All the miniature was fully assembled due the the extensive modification it had to undergo.

Painting: The amour had to have a tough look. This was achieved wit a dark base coat of gray which was shaded to near black. After layers of highlights were gradually added to leave the black in the deep areas while rough bet well thought highlight brush stroke gave the amour that rough used look. Particular attention was give to the leather cape to bring the rough leather texture out. The power axe was given a good energy effect by fading from black to blue and then to metal with lightening strikes added at the end and blended even in.

Specials: Custom pose and and base

No of parts:
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Wolf Lord
Space Wolf
Games Workshop
Amour has that rough used look.
Burned metal effect on the assault cannon.
Power axe energy effect and leather effect on cloak came out great.
The wolf of the pelt was an old one.
Left hand was moved upwards for a more dynamic pose.
As was the right leg which was even bent at the knee.