When I first saw the new Space Wolf character models I could not resist to buy and paint them. Since three characters are not an army and are useless to play with I took an army deal and bought all of the Space Wolf army at once. So it was that another army was added to my collection. For your comments please E-mail me or sign my guest book.


Space Wolves Gallery.
No. of Parts:
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Space Wolves
Space Marines
Games Workshop
Worl Lord Ragnar Blackmane.
Ruen Lord.
Ulrik The Slayer.
Terminator Ruen Priest.
Blood Claw Sergeant.
Long Fang Sergeant
Wolf Guard Sergeant.
Grey Hunter Sergeant.
Blood Claw Marines.
Long Fang Marines.
Grey Hunter Marines.
Wolf Guard Terminators
Predator Annhilator.
Bjorn The Fell-Handed.