My silence in the last day was not for nothing. I was quite busy with another Restoration Commission. This time it was not just one by 2 miniatures. Also this project did not only involve 2 miniatures but and entire set x2 this because this time I had to work on 2 Bretonnian War Machines - The Bretonnian Field Trebuchet. Each war machine consisted of 11 parts + 5 crew and 2 more extra parts.

Since the client wanted them to be the centre piece of his army, he requested that both war machines have a custom build base, with a outer defensive wall and the possibility to swap the crew were he liked on certain position on the base itself. I jumped to the idea of this base and added a small surprise for my client by giving each base a small atmospheric story.

The idea for this story came from the small boy on a wheel barrow and readying a sling that comes with each set. I began to think at what a small boy could be aiming with such a small weapon. Well there are a lot of nasty this that he could be aiming in the Warhammer World but I wanted something at his level. I remembered that somewhere in my collection I had 3 bases of stontlings which seemed to fit perfectly with this idea. It was so that I casted a copy of 2 of these and added them to the base to simulate a stontling invasion and give something to do to the small boys. As all know war dose not take care of anyone especially in the Warhammer world.

Comments from Client after seeing these pics: The pics are great. These will be the centerpiece of my Army. Looking forward to them coming home.
Comments from Client after receiving them: The War Machines have arrived. I must say you have packed them very well. I have now put them together and they look superb. They will make a statement on the battlefield.

Thank you very much for a very professional commission. I will not hesitate to use or recommend you to my friends.

Once again Joseph thanks a million. Mal


No of parts:
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Bretonian Trebuchets
Games Workshop
A Restoration Commission now finished.
Notice the attacking stontlings home casted.
Crew can be places differently as on likes.
Full use was made of the decorative coloumn.
An outer defensive wall was scratch built.
Base is made of of plexi glass.
Poor stontling he died at the wall's breach.
Everything on the base is scratch built.
The wood effect came out really good.
All crew are interchangable too here.
These Trebuchets were commissioned & sold in Englandyou can find more min at my online store or my ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for your army. A 360 degrees video of Rot Gut can be found at my YouTube Channel.
Cleaning: Cleaning both Trebuchets was not that easy. Besides the facts that there where a lot of parts and I had to do the same work twice, many of these parts resembled wood which I had to be very careful to preserve.

Pre-Assembly: I decided not to assembly any parts before painting. In this way I could paint all the parts much easier.

Painting: I had to keep in mind 2 main points when painting these war machines and their crew. I also consulted with my client to see exactly what he wanted and explained to him these points and we both agreed on them.

The crew were common folk or peasants drafted by the noble bretonnians to aid their war engineers to operate the machines. It was so that I painted all the crew in earth colours to represent the fact that they were not rich like their knight lords. However I gave one of each crew teams the colours of his knight lord so that he could represent him. I also took great care to weather a bit up all the cloths to emphasise more on the poor nature of this crew.

The Trebuchet itself was to be made out of common wood found in the forests of Bretonnia but it had to have it details well emphasised. Details like the stone and metal work one it but especially the 2 altars sculpted in the wood of the war machine itself. Both altars on each war machines, the knight and the lady of the lake were picked out with different colours from the wood but kept in line with the army colours, the red and blue and the sky blue. These colours are also repeated on the various shield emblems found on the war machines.

Assembly: Assembling these war machines was quite a difficult task I have to admit. It was quite complicated to make all the parts match especially those at the centre of the war machines. However with a bit of patience I did it.

Special: As you have read from the above story. The specials for both these Trebuchets were a custom base each, based on a stontling invasion of the outer defensive wall and it being repelled by the small boys with thier slings. This was achieved by first cutting the bases our of plexy glass. I then built the defensive wall out of blocks of clay which were given the adequate texture. Finally I moulded some stontlings myself and mounted the war machines. Once done I painted the base and added the crew around the Trebuchets.