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Rot Gut, the Nurgle Chaos Lord represents a return from my end to Games Workshop miniature painting, after more than 10 years. Chaos Lord review.

Cleaning and Assembly: The Nurgle Chaos Lord was easy to clean having only 5 parts. After the cleaning I assembled the main body of the lord but left the hands holding the axe, the face mask and the base separated from the main body for ease of painting.

Painting: The figure was undercoated white for increasing the bright effect on the pale cadaveric skin tones which I had in my mind for the lord. I started painting the skin tones by airbrush. It took me around seven layers to obtain the rotten skin tone I aimed for. After the skin I painted in all the skin scorches and spilling guts details.

Once these were ready I turned my attention to the green armour. I masked all the rest and airbrushed the first layers of the armour starting from the bilious green highlights and constantly darkening the green till I reached the desired dark green tone. Once finished I washed all the different dents in the armour with different shades of inks starting from ogre flash to black. I used ogre flash to simulate the spill outs of sick fluids from various holes in the armour. As a final touch I added highlight of boltgun metal to the edges of the armor to simulate the scratches on the green paint which is peeling off.

Once the armour was finished I turned my attention to the bone spikes on his shoulder guard and facial mask. I kept the green of the armour at the base and gently faded the colour from bone to white to give the impression that the bone spikes had grown through the armored shoulder guard.

Once finished I painted the axe and helmet. These were quite easy to do and can be easily achieved by following my metallics tutorials. I just added lots of rust (Ogre red ink wash) and blood (Blood red highlight) to show that the axe has been lot in use.

All that was left was the base which I painted in Gary tone with black ink washes for the stone parts and goblin green and bilious green highlights for the grass parts. To add more realistic grass I added some static grass. I also added lots of spill out in bilious green to simulate the drops spilling from Rot Gut's guts, while he is walking around.

Special: I paint my miniature to the finest level detail possible. This time however I had to first give a layer of clear to protect the paint as much as possible while Rot Gut is being handled during games and then I added layers of glossy varnish here and there around the Lords body to simulate the various nasty liquids that are constantly spilling from his body.

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Nurgle Chaos Lord
Games Workshop
Nurgle Chaos Lord in all if gory glory.
Back View.
Right view.
Left View.
Skin tones took 7 layers of airbrushing.
I wanted the red lion cloth to be dirty.
The axe seemed to have been used for long time.
The green armour looks alive especially with the spikes coming out.
Notice the various liking fluids that reflect light on his body.
Nurgle is always behind his favorites.
Rot Gut, the Nurgel Chaos Lord was Sold in Spain but you can find other miniature for sale at my online store. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for your army. A 360 degrees video of Rot Gut can be found at my YouTube Channel.