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The father of all Vampire Counts in Warhammer Fantasy, Vlad von Carstein. This was quite a special project since it was the first time I was to try and paint out a Citadel Games Workshop Fine Cast miniature. Needless to say I was dying to try one out.

Cleaning: Cleaning a fine cast figure resulted in quite a straight forward process. The miniature had quite few casting imperfection and all I had to do was to remove the access seam line and some extra resin from the air vent of the cast. The quality of the resin makes it also very easy to work with and to clean out the miniature. From this point of view Fine Cast miniature are really great.

Painting: Even from a detailing point of view the Fine Cast miniature is really a work of art. Every sculpting detail is very sharp and fine so it is really a joy to paint. From the start I wanted my Vlad to wear the classic blood red armour. I did not like the black version of Games Workshop since much of the detail of such a beautiful miniature is lost when one combines a black armour with the black cape vlad is wearing and then what is a vampire count without his blood red armour. I also wanted the father of all vampire counts in warhammer to look old in his every aspect from his skin to his armour.

The armour itself was airbrushed starting from yellow to orange to red and shading with ogre flash ink and even black in it's deepest parts. Finally I highlighted all the sharp edges of the armour with orange yellow and a bit of white. To age the armour I shaded here and there with sepia ink until I achieved the desired effect.

The skink was also give an aged aspect. Starting from elfen flash, I first shaded with ogre flash and black ink and then highlighted back with commando kaki and finally white. Hair was give and old age treatment as well. Starting from dark grey to black ink and then highlighted with space wolf grey and pure white.

Finally the cape was first given various coats of different blue paints and washed. Then it was shaded with pure black ink and finally re highlighted with space wolf grey and pure white to make the Ghost faces pop out.

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Vlad von Carstein
Warhammer Finecast
5 cm
Games Workshop
Blood Red armour give a better look to this miniature.
Vlads Cape was given an aged touch with the ghost of his victims poping slightly up to give an idea of the immatereality.
The Wolf pelt was painted in a grey black tone to give more the idea of Dire Wolf.
The aged gold is not the bright but still it looks gold enough.
All the miniature was given an aged feel. Vlad has been around for quite a lot of time now.
Vlad von Carstine was sold in the U.S. More miniatures at my online store. A 360 degrees video of Rot Gut can be found at my YouTube Channel.
A simple proof that this is a Citadel Finecast miniature. Rarely I painted somthing better.