SOLD in Spain on commission.

I would like first of all to thank my Spanish client without with I would not have tried this monster out. Thanks to his commission and particular request which was to paint the hydra to match the Black Dragon I had sold to him earlier I was able to see if I could reproduce one of my colour scheme and try our a couple of new molding and casting techniques which I made the base out of.

Cleaning and Assembly: This hydra and its beast masters are made from metal which is being used more rarely to produce miniature nowadays. It had been quite some time I had not worked with metal. Also this hydra was a second hand one and it was quite badly cleaned and assembled. From the start I opted for a full restoration of all the parts. It was so that I took all the ten parts apart, stripped all the paint away, cleaned all the parts and finally reassembled and all the parts. All parts had to be assembled in order to properly hide the contact lines between on part and another. I knew this would lead to big painting difficulties since the 5 hydra heads are so close but there was nothing I could do.

Painting: As said before painting would be a difficult process for the hydra. The five heads were the main problem. They are very close to each other making it very difficult to reach the inner heads with either airbrush or paint brush. Also having 5 head meant that I had to paint every facial and neck detail for 5 times and I do not like repeating myself that much.

I started with the beast masters. They were all painted with a brush. I wanted a colour scheme that matched with the hydra and indicated they are dark elves. It was so that I painted the skin armor red with black scales to match with the hydra and the rest of the armour in black and purple to keep with the dark elves main colour.

My client was clear he wanted the hydra to look like the Black Dragon I had sold to him.

I first started with a coat of light brown. Once done I started the red coating applying multiple layers of red. During the whole process of these to colours I had to keep in mind to cover where the white spikes were going to be. Once finished the hard part was to come, the black. I had to give multiple layers of black without covering the brown, the red and white parts without masking them since the black had to blend both with the brown and the red naturally. It was very hard to achieve especially around the 5 heads. But in the end I did it.

Finally I painted in the final detailing. The armour and various rings. The talons and all the sets of fangs. This were blended from dark red to bone to pure white to make them stand out from the rest of the min.

Special: The client requested that the hydra be put on a stone so I sculpted on and added lots of different skull as if the hydra was either crossing a bone valley or coming out of it den where it had eaten lot of different creatures.

These skulls were achieved by first creating a mold of some skull I had and then casting them to the amount I wanted. All this was new for me and I really enjoyed trying it out. :)


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Dark Elf War Hydra
Games Workshop
The skull base is a new tryout in molding.
Notice the brownish skin texture .
Hydra front view.
Hydra back view.
Hydra right side view.
Hydra left side view.
Notice the top back scales and spikes.
A close up of one of the heads.
Notice how red black & brown mix.
Client requested the hydra on a rock.
Beast Master 001
Beast Master 002
Group Photo: The Hydra with it's Beast Masters.
This Hydra was commissioned & sold in Spain you can find more min at my online store or my ebay account. I am sure he will be an excellent canter piece for your army. A 360 degrees video of Rot Gut can be found at my YouTube Channel.