"You want to know more about my master. Well I surely do, he created me and my sisters."




Name: J.Vella
Location: Malta
Known As: Ronin 074
Online Games: Tormentus
E-Mail: ronin074@hotmail.com

I am a self-taught artist. All that you will see on this web site I have made on my own. Unluckily I never had anyone to teach me in the particular aspects of art which I want to work on but my desire to create and improve in my art always pushed me forward in my quest to create and give life to my creations. Although I use reference, mainly for poses I like to create my own concepts and characters. The Midnight Partners Series I created is just a good example of this. I know I have still a lot to learn but I hope to improve with every single piece of art I produce and I hope you look to my art in this sense to see improvements in my art with the passing of time.

As much as I enjoy drawing and CGing I enjoy painting all kinds of miniatures and plastic kits especially Japanese Garage Kits and Warhammer miniatures. I also hope to improve further at painting these so watch out for this web site there will be a lot more of them coming.

A great desire which I hope on day to become true is to see one ore more of my concept character become figure resin kits themselves for the pleasure of painting them. If someone out there might be interested in producing a kit based on one of my characters please don't hesitate contact me at the e-mail above. I will be more than happy to negotiate a deal with you.

My Artist Motto: "Give them life"