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It has been the longest period of inactivity on my website but had a lot going on.

First of all the new model which due to its importance in 40k lore and the sheer amount of detail which was put in it took me around six months of all the free time I had available to compete to my standards of excellence. My I present you Roboute Guilliman PRIMARCH AND LORD REGENT OF THE IMPERIUM in all his 40k glory. The miniature is available for sale at my ebay account ebay account. I will be so hard parting ways with him.

I had to say good-bye to the Night Lords Chaos champion too which left for his way to the US.

The Space Wolf Gary Slayers pack come from the Pre-Heresy time. The pack has a splendid metal Sergeant based on a custom version of Preto Cantor the Crimson Fist chapter master and is for sale on my ebay account.

The IRON WARRIOR WARSMITH. and the Night Lord Champion are still on sale as well at my ebay account. You can find it for sale at my ebay account .

For any type of modeling commission you can contact me at my e-mail;

ronin074@hotmail .com


facebook page;

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to see all of the new miniatures, all of which are for Sale at my ebay account or online store.

The Blood Rat is still for Sale. For his full stories go to their galleries. He can be found either at my online shop or ebay account.

SOLD Miniature this month:

Blood Angels Captain Turiel. Is now Sold in the US.

Also the Death Watch team is sold in the united Kingdom

The Hive Tyrant. The Hive tyrant is now officially part of a Hive Fleet from the United States of America. Sold there I am having new that it is creating great awe and havoc amongst its enemies.

If you are interested in a offering me a commission which can also be a miniature restoration project, just contact me on my e-mail. I offer custom solution for each individual client.

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