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In this update I bring you the first official collaboration with my friends at OneMindSyndicate and Warhammer 40k lore channel. Azhek Ahriman from Warhammer 30K during the Thousand Sons battle with the Space Wolves. This miniature is featured on the above mentioned Youtube channel so if you want a first hand review of one of my works follow this link and check it yourself. You can also check it directly here to your right.

The IRON WARRIOR WARSMITH. and the Night Lord Champion are still on sale as well at my ebay account. You can find it for sale at my ebay account or online store.

ronin074@hotmail .com.


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to see all of the new miniatures, all of which are for Sale at my ebay account or online store.

First we have Blood Angels Captain Turiel. Once again in a unique custom pose and base.

The Hive Tyrant. The Hive tyrant is now officially part of a Hive Fleet from the United States of America. Sold there I am having new that it is creating great awe and havoc amongst its enemies.

The Blood Rat is still for Sale. For his full stories go to their galleries. He can be found either at my online shop or ebay account.

SOLD Miniature this month: The Space Wolf Lord was sold nearly 2 month ago. If you one one of my Space Marine Lord especially the Blood Angles one hurry I have only one left and will not be painting any for some time since I am busy with commissions.

If you are interested in a offering me a commission which can also be a miniature restoration project, just contact me on my e-mail. I offer custom solution for each individual client.

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