Well this time it was not love at first sight, at least for once but complicit the transparent wings and the piece of wood I used as her base which I found at the bay where Calypso took her name it was more inspiration at first sight. If you will read through you will understand why.

The story begins nearly a year ago. One morning while I was walking on Ramla beach our finest red sand beach I found this piece of wood. After a short inspection I could see that it had been in the water for quite a long time. I decided to keep it thinking that it would be perfect for eventual wood scene base.

Some month ago while browsing as I regularly do for figures I encountered this insect girl with transparent wings. As soon as I saw her besides that she is a really well sculpted figure I wanted to try out working on the transparencies of the wings even if I had never done it before. Also I already imagined her on this piece of wood surrounded with huge leaves to truly show her 1/1 scale.

I had not yet thought of everything I want with this kit but these where the main ideas behind my working on this figure. I also already new what her name would be, Calypso. Taken from a local legends of the Nymph Calypso we have here in my home island. Read on to know all the story.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite easy. The casting was really good. I only had to take good care of the transparent wings which had to be finely sanded.Still I was quite worried by the wings because the transparent cast was not that transparent and full of scratches and I did not know how to clean them out.

Pre-Assembly: Since Calypso is nude I had to assemble both arms to the rest of the body which was a single cast except for the head. Great attention has to be give not to leave any traces of the joints on both shoulders.

Painting: I gave particular attention to the skin tones and the hair during the regular painting. Nymphs are usually portrayed with very pallid flash tone and this is what I tried to achieve most.

Assembly: Assembling this figure was quite easy and troubleless. I only insisted a bit on the wings connections to make them look as natural as possible.

Specials: As you have already surely noticed Calypso has many specials made especially for her. I will try to explain them one by one below but first let me tell you the legend where it all started. Well I think nearly everyone know the Homeric poem The Odyssey. Well part of it where the beautiful nymph Calypso keeps Ulysses for 7 long years on her island regards my home island directly. In legends around the world it is said that the island where Calypso lived was just our small island. We even have a cave named Calypso Cave from thousands of years which is just above Ramla bay. The bay I took the piece of wood from and even the sand I used as gravel below it comes from Ramla bay.


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5 July 2003

If you want to see the kit in it's original form feel free to click the link below but please remember this images although purely artistic are of an adult nature.

Special 1: The transparent Rainbow wings. Well as Calypso was traveling too me I had weeks of thinking on what to do for her wings but once again inspiration came just in one moment. It was a rain day in the middle of our hot summer. After a while the rain stopped and while I was looking out of the window from my workshop I noticed a splendid rainbow which is quite common after hot rainy days. Soon it came to my mind that many nymphs are portrayed with a rainbow like reflection to simulate their flapping wings and so it was. It was quite hard to archive, the blending of 6 colours while keeping both the smoothness and transparency of the wings. I also managed to apply texture to simulate insect wings perfectly this after some 5 hours straight work. The applied texture also managed to perfectly repair and even to enhance the rather dull transparency.

Special 2: The Stand. You already know much of the inspiration behind the stand so here is the main idea. The main thing I wanted to achieve with the stand was to show the 1/1 scale of the kit. At first I knew that I wanted to show Calypso in her natural atmosphere or habitat. Below Calypso cave there is a very small wood with even a little water spring not far away. So it had to bee wood and water but how to show the 1/1 scale????? Then my mind worked again. If she was so small the leaves in the wood would look quite big near her. This is why the leaves you see at her base are quite so big. Don't tell my mother though because they come from her beloved flower arrangements^_^. As I said two of the main materials I used for the base, the sand and the piece of wood come directly from Ramla bay the bay just under Calypso cave. It is my way to keep alive the legends and traditions of my small but 7,000 year old history rich country always a source of inspiration for me. Incredibly the piece of wood was a natural fit for Calypso's pose. I had to modify totally nothing to pin her on it. Then as they say just add water and the leaves will grow^_^.

Special 3: The leaf dress. The original Calypso is totally nude. I have nothing against this, on the contrary I really like the nearly perfect anatomy of this sculpture work but to respect the ages of the little kids that I imagine see my works I try my best to, let's say hide this aspect from first impact but without sacrificing the originality of the kit which is on the other hand of utmost importance for me as an artist which respects other artist's work. Well being it that Calypso lives is a small wood she not only uses her magic to keep Ulysses with her but also to cover herself in a sexy manner with leaves to keep Ulysses interested in her.^_^. I sculpted the leaves from green stuff directly on Calypso so as to adapt the green stuff totally to her body forms. Once dry I gently removed and painted them. There you are a perfect fit dress which can be removed any time without damaging the painting work and preserve the originality of the kit. I have uploaded a nude gallery for Calypso too but please visit it if you are only adult and you are not offended by these kind of nude photos..

Special 4: Calypso in the sand. This is a small but one I usually do when I work with sand. I simply wrote her name 'Calypso in the Ramla bay sand I used as gravel below the wood piece.