Besides the unusual pose two things attracted me from this figure, both of which would reveal themselves a very difficult attraction to over come. One was the size, a massive 1/4 resin figure of Kasumi. I had to try out my biggest figure so far. Don't tell it to my pulse though it is still feeling the pain. The second was the fact that this figure comes nude except for her panties. Don't take me wrong but I wanted first to try out again a full female body paint and I also wanted to see if I was able to to assemble the costume well, once airbrushing was finished.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was not that easy. Especially the main body. A massive block of resin with quite a nasty deep seam line and quite a lot of air wholes to cure. Be careful with the suit's parts they are quite fragile too.

Pre-Assembly: I pre-assembled the head before undercoating this figure for two reasons. First because the neck/body connection was pretty rough. I had to go a long way with sanding and puttying to cure it out. Second because it would be much easier to airbrush all in one go with the main body. I also attached the two half of the back skirt.

Painting: The main difficulty with the painting of this figure was it's size and weight especially that of the main body and the legs. Both undercoating and actual airbrushing resulted quite difficult because of this. Mainly I had to support and wait every time for the paint to dry on my own hand I could use no support. The rest was quite business as usual. One important error I was about to do is that I wanted to paint Kasumi in her usual blue outfit. Only after starting I found out that there is a substantial difference in the two outfits (mainly the white is sleeveless) so I had to reprime and repaint.

Assembly: Here is where all my worst nightmares became reality. As mentioned before this figure comes nude with a separate outfit which is also separated in different parts. My main idea was that I would leave the top parts which covered her breast separate so as they could be taken off and not cover all the work I did on the breast. What where you thinking ^_^. I knew that trouble would come because since all the parts where separate I could not do extensive test fitting of the suit parts and had to leave it for after the painting. Continues


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Dead or Alive 3

15 August 2003

Over exposed photo to show the ripples of the water.
"Would you wish to see the rest but she is no naughty girl.

Assembly: First I assembled the main body but after I had finished with hands and feet I noticed that her right hand was not long enough to touch the ground and was terribly unbalancing the kit making it rest on just the 2 hands and on foot. The right hand had to be take off fitted with a bit of putty on the palm and refitted. So be careful of Kasumi balance first and foremost. Now cam another tough part the outfit. Nearly all the parts did not fit. So I began slowly from the bottom upwards. I first fitted both her front and rare back skirts, both of which were quite good even if I had to heat them both to make them meet the ground perfectly. The toughest part came after. The damm middle pink bend. It did not fit both with the lower and the upper parts also not even it's two half matched. I passed at least a full day puttying sanding and repainting to make it fit with the lower parts and cancel any connection marks. Next I fitted the back upper part of the suit. As usual it did not fit with the pink middle bend and could not even enter between both arms. Needless to say I had to pass another full day of cutting, puttying and sanding. Next came both the front parts which covered the breast. To make sure they perfectly matched, the middle pink bend, the back part and the form of the breast I had to pass through a pure hell of cutting heating, puttying and repainting. Just a little example the right part snapped 2 times and had to be totally reprimed and repainted. In the end though I won the fight over Kasumi and she came out just as I wanted with the front parts of her suit which can be taken off and reconnected with minimum trace (check the last photo). You can just imagine how hard all this assembly was with all the parts already painted.

Specials: Besides all this hard work I reserved a couple of specials for Kasumi as well. First came her back symbol. I had no guides on the resin and I had no decal but I still wanted to do it. I first cut out a stencil out of paper with my trusty cutting blade since I had no wide enough masking tape. I than fixed it on the back part and airbrushed. The result was not so accurate so a retouched all of it with my hand brush. Finally I added the kangis by hand brushing them as well.

The second special I already mentioned is the fact that the front parts of her suit can be taken off to reveal the breast. As I already said I did not want to permanently cover all the good work I did on her body. The parts can be taken of with minimum effort, no stress or damage to the kit and with very minimum awareness that it is possible.

The third and final special is the base. At first I did not intend to do it since Kasumi was by now quite stable but I noticed that evrey time I moved her, her right hand connection showed small cracks which I could not tolerate. So I did the base to stabilize her. The idea for the base was to be an improved version of Mrs. Yuriko's base. A Japanese garden with a small pool full of kois. Kasumi's pose adapted quite well to this idea. I also added a small fountain with running water and this time the kois were personally sculpted by me instead of painted on the basse.