Mary as I call her, was another figure I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. It has been a while in my unbuilt kits collection because till now I had no idea in which color scheme to paint her. After a bit of thought I decided to dedicate her to my home country Malta and so Mary came to life.

Cleaning: Mary did not give me any excessive trouble during her cleaning. All of her part are very easily cleaned up of seam lines The only problem where the many air wholes present all over the kit. I spent quite a lot of time filling them up.

Assembling: None of the parts where assembled before painting. After the painting assembling was quite flawless thanks to good test fitting

Painting: As I said before I decided to paint Mary in the color scheme of my country's flag which are white and red with two optional colors black and pink. I had to give special attention to the skin tones to keep them as smooth as possible since they are the majority of the figure. White was also quite hard to shade well and give it that synthetic feel.

Specials: Besides giving special attention to the eyes (which are very prominent) and her running shoes(which is very detailed at the bottom), I did my best to paint the gem Mary has as a neck collar as though it was real. Nothing associated with Malta would be complete without the Maltese Knight's Cross which Mary has on her abdomen. This is another historical symbol of my country. It is always displayed with inverted colors when on the Maltese flag and so is Mary's.

No. of Parts:
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Maltese Bunny
The Stand: Finding as stand for a kit this big and especially in this sitting pose is not easy. I tried first for a transparent block of glass but could not find anything. So I decided to build the block from transparent sheets of perspex. Since the edging of the perspex was not that fine I undercoated all the base white and applied the printed transparent Maltese cross that you see. Since I only have an inkjet water based printer I gave the whole base a coat of matt varnish to protect the cross design. Mary is not permanently fixed on the base in this way if I like I can display her where I like from the top of my desk to the top of my PC.