Finally a commission I can show! Commission have gone far better than I expected but due to various private reasons my clients did not want them to be shown and I fully respect their decisions. This is the first commission I can show a 1/8 figure of Akane Suzumiya belonging to an American client which I painted in a level 2 standard.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite simple A-brand is always at top quality in it casting. The only problem being air holes spread over the kit.

PreAssembling: None of the parts were assembled before painting.

Painting: Painting this kit requires a bit more attention especially her top and skirt which have many folds which must be carefully airbrushed to give them the necessary depth. Once particular difficulty was masking the yellow from the white and vise versa due to the many folds present.

Specials: Client requested none. Still I gave great attention to Akane's eyes which are quite big.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Akane Suzumiya
Rumbling Hearts
Client's Comments after seeing just the photos: "You did a fabulous job."
Client's Comments after receiving the figure at home: "As far as errors I did not notice any. You did an A+++++ job on the figure joseph. My friends that have seen her say she looks really good.
Assembling: This kit proved quite difficult to assemble at to parts. The red skirt was divided in half from the side and clearly did not perfectly match. I spent quite a lot of time to get the connecting parts together without any sign of work. Another difficult parts to assemble are 2 side hair strands which cover the ears of this kit. Again the two parts were totally out of match and I spent long hours to get them right without any trace of work being seen. I sincerely hope A-brand do not repeat these errors again.