Who would not fall in love with the figure as soon as he sees it? Well that is just what happened to me. The fact that I wanted to try out some form of angelic wings combined with the beautiful simplicity of this figure made me buy it at once even if it is an original Garage kit so it cost me much more than expected. Though the kit looks simple it is very hard to obtain a good finish from this figure so I suggest you read on.

Cleaning: The first hard job came from cleaning this figure. Though the seamlines where not particularly deep they where present every where and one can only imagine how hard it was to totally remove them especially from all the feathers on the wings and the hair.

Pre-Assembly: Since this figure is nude and the parts are divided I had to assemble all the body including the face. Particular attention had to be given to the legs and arms connection points with the central body. No line had to show between these connections since there is nothing to cover them. After a week of hard work I challenge everyone to find the connection points. Another connection nightmare where the wings which are divided in 2 where they bend forward. Since the connection points pass right through many of the feathers one has to take extreme caution that again the line does not show in between the feathers.

Painting: Although I thought it would especially on the wings painting did not result that difficult as I thought. It took me 3 hours for both the whole body and the two wings to complete and the rest was spent on the 2 remaining hair parts. My main objective was to try and bring out every single feather on the wings. Something which I think I obtained.

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21 June 2003
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Is not this photo truly angelic?

Assembly: Although many of the parts had already been pre assembled the after painting assembly was very difficult also. Especially the hair parts. The larger back one did not fit well with Angelica's back even after all my test fitting. Also the frontal part had to be sort of clipped on due to the fact that I had pre assembled the face. This also left quite a large gap between the two hair parts which I had to seal of and render invisible to the eye. All this modeling work on a figure which has already been painted made it really hard.

Specials: Besides great attention to the wings which are the main focus of Angelica I wanted to achieve a heavenly look all around the figure. Due to her pose Angelica is totally showing down there but also here left foot is in a very interesting position as if she is gently touching it to the ground in other words floating. This is where the centre of my idea for the base came from but first of all I had to take care not to show much down there as not to make her look to vulgar. I first of all resculpted down there because on the original kit it show totally nothing so the anatomy was really missing. To sadly cover my work I sculpted 2 more pieces in the form of a cloth or a towel. One which covers the crotch and another which comes out from her right side to make it more realistic and long. I even painted her name on the towel. To preserve the originality of the kit these 2 extra pieces can be simply removed any time I want they are not a permanent part of the figure.

Once Angelica's integrity was safe ^_^ I proceeded with my original idea. What if Angelica was in Paradise playing with her feet on the water. This is the main idea behind the base. I sprayed almost half of it to resemble water and the rest is grass. The water part was then given the form or ripples around Angelica's foot. To further enhance the base and the idea of paradise I added 3 tropical looking water flowers which I made myself from paper.