As many know I am a great fan of Hiroki Yagami's G-Taste series. I consider him one of the best artists when it come to drawing Manga Female characters. I searched a lot around and when I found this figure of Ayaka Konno in her bunny costume as seen on the latest G-Taste artbook(G-Taste 5). I had to have her in my collection together with her partner Mayu Hoshino. Even if the figures are not perfect from a sculpting point of view. Having the hips a bit to wide even if it is normal for Yagami's works and the frontal hair strand a bit too outwards in respect of the forehead.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was not quite easy to to various air holes distributed all over the kit especially on the legs with one being very big. Another problem were the very thin back hair strands. Cleaning the many seam lines was not easy as they could break easily.

Pre-Assembly: Ayaka's right hand was assembled before priming. I had to do a lot of sanding to get the part attached without any trace. I also attached the 2 frontal hair strands to the back hair part. See Specials.

Painting: Having much exposed flash this was the perfect figure for a flash tone experiment, this was the reason I did this kit. The rest was quite easy to finish off. I also gave quite a bit good attention to Ayaka's hair it was quite difficult to achieve the violet tone Ayaka is seen with on the manga.

Assembling: Assembling was quite easy for this kit. The only really problem being the bunny ear's hair bend. It was quite difficult to make if fit perfectly with the rest of the hair and I had also to extend it to reach Ayaka's ears as it is seen in the manga.

Specials: I mostly wanted to keep Ayaka as she is seen on the manga so there are no specials as such except the following. The hair strand which I modeled on Ayaka's hand as if she were arranging it. I also gave good attention to match the facial cosmetics as seen on the manga.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Ayaka Konno
01 April 2003