COMMISSION by a French Client.


" I am so glad with the result ! She is so cute. The work you did is amazing because she seems alive to me. She is very much better than the model on seller websites. The color scheme you chose is perfect for me, the colors fit well together. Thank you very much for this great job !"

I knew one day I would have done a Chii in one way or another. I always wanted to try out and paint the long and enigmatically toned hair. When this commission was proposed to me I gladly accepted. The hair was long but on a 1/4 figure it became a real challenge to do well.

Cleaning: Cleaning Chii was quite simple. All the 13 parts can be easily cleaned but time has to be taken to do it well since the parts are quite big.

Pre-Assembly: For this Chii in particular I decided to pre-assemble the leg parts to totally eliminate any defect in the connection of the left leg with the panty. All the large back hair parts had to be assembled so as to totally remove the connection lines between them. This took the longest to achieve. Making the connection line of three huge hair parts invisiblr was not easy at all.

Painting:Besides the weight of these huge resin parts painting Chii was quite fun. My main worry for this kit was as already said the hair tone. I checked at least 30 references both anime and manga drawings, even other garage kits. Chii's hair tone proved to be very elusive ranging from white, to yellow to even light brown. After at least 6 mixing tries I settled down for this very light brown with a blend to yellow depending on the strength of the light that fall on it. I will not tell you what I had to invent to paint the back part of the hair which is the largest resin part I have painted so far.

Assembling: Assembling proved to be quite enjoyable even if the back part of the hair again gave me some trouble to properly fit with the rest of the figure.

Specials: The client requested no specials for this kit he even gave me the liberty to choose the colours for Chii's clothing. However I new that Chii's eyes (in this case eye) had their special touch too. I concentrated a lot of my attention on the eye to make it as lively as possible even in the absence of an iris. I did so by personally hand painting and blending at least 6 colours to obtain the red black fading effect you see. Another small special and gift to my client is the tatami base which I did after a suggestion from my client.

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Front full view.
Rear full view.
3/4 Left full view.
Right side full view.
Left side full view
3/4 Right full view.
I really like how the hair tone came out.
The flash tone came out as good as usual.
The light purple secondary tone proved to be the right choice and the pink flower pattern compliments both white and purple.
The white toning is another master piece.
Lovely (Happy) facial expression. Good morning ^_^
Am I good at blending colours by handbrush?