This figure has now been sold by Auction in Japan.

This will be a new project I hope to be able to develop further as time goes by. I bought this Ikkitousen Choun Shiryu with one though in mind. I am planning to put this Original garage kit on auction at Yahoo Japan. Even if I have to say that I enjoyed working on this kit because even if it does not show, it is quite a challenging one.

Cleaning: Cleaning this kit proved quite easy except for 2 parts. The skirt which was quite thin and delicate and the hair parts for the same reason.

Pre-Assembly: It was quite hard to decide what to pre assemble. I had to points in mind. 1: To make it easy for the figure to be packed once I finished painting and 2: to make it easy for the one buying the kit to assemble it since I have to send the kit disassembled. For these reasons I assembled the hair parts except the front piece and all the upper body including the head, the shirt and the skirt together.

Painting: I really wanted a first class painting for this figure since it will be my introduction piece on Yahoo Japan. I also wanted to try and cover all the figure parts with a clear to protect the paint as much as possible but without compromising my final painting result. As you can see I succeeded in all this. All parts are very well painted and so well clear covered that my paint quality has not been lowered. Although it may seem simple this figure was a real masking nightmare. Especially the stripes on the skirt were very hard to mask along that plated skirt. It took me 5 day to mask and paint the red stripes. The hair was also very hard to get the gray tone right. Gary is never an easy color to work with. I also tried a new painting experiment for the katan to enhance its cutting edge and it really shows.

Assembling: This figure can be totally and easily assembled without glue. In the photos you see here no glue was use to permit me to disassemble the figure once photos were taken. This will permit me to better pack and protect the figure parts to send to Japan.

Specials: I followed strictly the manga's reference painting scheme for this figure since I know how much the Japanese fans care for these details. I adding nothing from my mind except for the base.

The base concept came to my mind after days of trying to find something which connected with the figure pose. After studying the pose for long time I noticed the the skirt on the right side is blowing up as if being blown by the wind. To give a better impression of this detail I made a base representing a stormy water coast line, where sea is crushing on the coastal rocks. This gives the idea of wind blowing in the skirts and hair moving direction as if Choun is training with her katana near a stormy costal shore line.


Wish me luck. ;) or if you want to make an offer hurry and contact me. lol

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Choun Shiryu
Choun full view front.
Choun full view back.
Choun full view right.
Choun full view left
Choun with her katan in all her glory.
Just take a good look at all the shades on everything. :)
This is the best Gary hair I ever made. Gary is not easy.
New experiments made a better katana. One of my best
Skin tones are very well executed.
Choun's shirt shades came out great too.
The face came out really good especially the eyes.
The base is a coast line with stormy waters.
Her shirt's butterfly holds a small secret :)
There goes it's secret :)