Finally! I managed to put my hand on one of the most wanted Anime women, Fujiko Mine. I wonder what my reward will be. ^_^. Fujiko Mine is at the top of my preferred Anime female Characters. I have even done a fan art of her but in those time I was at the beginning of my arts works so the result was a poor one. Anyway I always kept an eye open on the garage kit world for a figure of Fujiko and finally I found one which is even sculpted by one of my favorite Japanese sculptors Sauto-san. His skill over all the human anatomy is really amazing. That is why I posses many of his figures.

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was quite simple all over. Even the hair was easy since it is just composed of 2 solid blocks of resin. A bit of attention was only given to the folds on Fujiko's dress and her pistol a Browining 380 APC.

Pre-Assembly: The only part I Pre-Assembled of this kit is the hand holding the pistol. It has to be done in order to ensure a good holding of the pistol with a smooth finish on the hand.

Painting: I wanted 2 elements to come out from this figure while keeping it's simplicity evident. The splendid anatomy with which Sauto-san created this figure. This was very evident especially on the dress so I made sure to make every single fold and body curve to come out with state of the art white shading. The second was the hair which is really the heart of every anime character. This was given 5 layers of paint to make every single strand come out .

Assembling: Assembling this kit was quite easy as well. The only real attention being to take got care that the hair fits well over the shoulders which is quite hard to obtain

Specials: Besides the usual attention on the eyes and this time the pistol the main special for Fujiko is the base. After long thoughts the idea for the base came from Fujiko own pose. She is looking very suspicious with her head lowered and eyes looking up and side ways as if she wanted to hide here intentions not to mention the pistol hidden behind her.

Specials: This suspicious looking and pose gave me the idea. What if Fujiko is waiting somewhere (on guard for trouble) while her Lupin is committing a crime, maybe a robbery to a huge international bank. One of the greatest international banks I know is HSBC and so the base was developed. Fujiko is on a paved passage way near a trafficked street. To indicate the she might be infront of an HSBC branch I painted a reserved parking with the HSBC Logo. So Fujiko is infront of an HSBC reserved parking space on the look out while her Lupin is committing a robbery. I just hope she does not touch my account ^_^.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Fujiko Mine
Lupin III
1 June 2003
A 360 degree shot of my splendid Fujiko Mine.
3/4 close left side view.
Close frontal view.
3/4 close right side view.

The Browining came out shiny.
This is my favourite angle just look at the eyes

I really love how the hair came out.
Besides the eyes even the lips are very natural looking.
She is not only showing her nail polish here.
Beware HASC Fujiko is coming. ^-^