I was always attracted to this figure. Not for what you think ;) but for her pose. From the time I saw this figure I dreamt of painting her and putting her in a Flower Garden atmosphere. And that is what I managed to do, twice. :)

Cleaning: Cleaning this figure was very easy. Just work as usual with no difficulties.

Pre-Assembly: No Pre assembly was done for this figure. 9 parts are not that much.

Painting: Paint his figure was quite easy too. I had no special in mind on the kit itself so I just followed well tested methods for the dress, flesh and hair. Attention was however give to the patches on the dress to increase the poor side of the figure so I made them stand out with contrasting yet in tone colors.

Assembling: Assembling a 9 part figure is quite an easy process but it has to be given always attention and extreme care. The hair part in particular was quite hard to bring right.

Specials: I had no special in mind for this kit as such but as I told before I had always this vision of a flower garden in mind driving me to do this kit. That is what I think I have accomplished. I however thought it would have been easier to do the base but it was not. In particular I could not find the right material I need. The small flowers with where compatible with the size of the kit were very hard to find and expensive locally. However I finally managed to find what I wanted after a long research locally and what you see is the final result.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Glares Brown
Masaki Mitsuhara
Full Front View.
Full Front View. Flower Garden Included.
Full Rare View.
Full left angled view.
Full Left side view.
Full Right side view.
The experimental brown tone
The wood effect of the water container.
Close up of the flash tones.
Close up of the dress tones.
The brown shade of the hair.
Brown hair brown dress. A good match
The Flower Garden Base.
Glares White and her twin Glares Brown.