Yet another figure designed by Jun Tsukasa and sculpted by French Doll. This has become my favorite combination. A combination to which I cannot resist.

This time it is Evil Homura. Having such a perfect anatomy and not one but two wonderful blades I was really wanting to bring her to life.

Homura had also various options. First there was the option of having her holding her a demon's head or a blade. I chose the blade because I wanted to keep the elegance of the women/blade combination and not dirty the composition with blood. The second option was fixed or not fixed bra. I chose the non fixed bra because I hate covering up the good work I do there. ^_^

Cleaning: Except for the thin pony tail cleaning Homura was not that difficult. One has to be very careful not to break the thin pony tail part though.

Pre-Assembly: This time I did not assemble any of the 23 parts that composed Homura except for the secondary blade cover..

Painting: The main objective I wanted for Homura was to produce a good green to black leather fading effect which varied depending on the light intensity on it. I think I managed it out but I had to polish and respray more than once to obtain the effect. Spraying only with natural light also did the trick. In this way I could see precisely how the tone was coming out. I also wanted a slightly evil facial expression but not too evil. This was quite hard to achieve but I am especially proud of her eye tone and even her lips this time. I also managed to obtain the sharpening of the major blade effect very well this time. My only addition to the painting scheme was the metallic suit design, this to give a bit more armor protection feel to Homura's suit. The green/black hair tone was also particularly hard to achieve due to the fact the the colours were very opposite. The green was very bright in comparison to the black.

Assembling: Assembling Homura was not that difficult. Only her detachable bra was the problem here. It took me quite a lot of testfitting, puttying and sanding to achieve a perfect fit. The parts were too imperfect here.

Specials: The main special for Homura was the detachable bra but as already said I insisted quite a lot on the face. Especially the lips and the eye. Not to mention the blades and the base.

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Evil Homura
Tukasa Bullet
French Doll
360 degrees full view of Homura. Part 1
360 degrees full view of Homura. Part 2
Suit colour varies from black to green.
The blade really catches light well.
Flash tones a great as well.
The chain mail design of the suit.
The blades sharpening effect.
One of my best lip painting so far.
Hair tones where difficult to balance.
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It would be a pity to cover such good work. ^_^
How can a male resist her? ^_-
Full nude version view.
Base. Grass effect.