I have to confess that I was not so attracted with this figure when I first saw it. In fact I agree with what I have been told about it. The figure is a bit stiff on the whole. Following the successful completion of Army Girl Minami with the discovery of a good range of 1/6 scale modern weapons I reconsidered my opinion in view of converting Jill Valentine so as to display her with a couple of good weapons which she will surely need to fight all those zombies she encounters. I also always liked the beautiful suit Jill is dressing and also her hair style. Heavy Jill was born.

Cleaning: Nothing special in the cleaning of this figure. The figure has very simple and solid parts so it was easy to clean her out.

Conversion: All the idea for Heavy Jill started from the fact that with a simple Beretta 92 Jill would not have gone far in my opinion. So I decided to equip her with M4 with shot gun attachment as a primary weapon which would be displayed in her left arm which is perfectly posed for the job. On the other hand I wanted to make Jill look as she was aiming the MP5K with a single hand. To do so I simply pushed her right arm up and remodeled the shoulder.

Pre-Assembly: The only parts I pre-assembled for Jill where both of her arms. Sine both are attached to the body from the shoulder I had to make sure the resulting connection line was invisible to sight.

Painting: I wanted my painting to be as faithful to the original color scheme as possible. Jill has a very nice suit and hair style also. I wanted them to be as close to the original as possible not as I have see on my sample especially the hair. After checking out a lot of original screen shots I think I have managed it in both.

Assembling: Assembling Jill was not that hard. All parts fitted quite well. The only problems I had was adapting both hands to the weapons' handles especially the MP5K one which I had to resculpt a bit.

Specials: As I have already mentioned more than once the main specials for Jill are her new weapons which I consider more fit to fight zombies and monster much more than a simple Beretta 92.

The M4 with shotgun attachment is a very good balanced weapon. The M-14 can be used both at long and short range but if an extra punch is need the shot gun is there just for that.

The MP5K is a very good overall weapon for medium and shot range which can be managed both with one or both the hands.

The stand: All of the Resident Evil story is based around disordered room and labs. From this my idea for the base came out. With this in mind I created a tiled floor with a Lab 4 indication. To simulate the confusion I add a lot of documents and to better reinforce the idea the the Beretta is useless I placed it on the floor with it's clip and some empty bullet casings. In this way I also used the Beretta which came with the figure. So you can imagine that after opening the door to lab 4 and using without success her Last beretta clip without success she dropped it in favor of heavier weapons.

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Jill Valentine
Resident Evil
Close up of the new weapons.
The Stand. "Entrance to Lab 4"
The figure sample. As you can see in mine I brought her entire right hand up in order to make her look as if she is aiming the MP5K.