COMMISSION: Been a long time from last work but I am finding it always harder to find some time to work on my loved hobby. I always loved Tifa's character and I am looking forward to one day paint a figure for me. So it was that I accepted this commission to have a go at how to paint here in the future. This Kanako Ono cosplaying as Tifa was a perfect try out. The client requested no special just my best painting skill applied to his figure so here are the results.

Cleaning: Cleaning Kanako was quite a go through job. The figure was very well casted and apart from a big seam line on the legs there was no particular trouble.

Pre-Assembly: The only part I preassembled was the skirt to the legs. This was done in order to ensure a perfect match of the two skirt parts which contact lines where quite rough.

Painting: Painting was quite straight forward too. However I wanted to give this figure my touch as well so I gave particular attention to the following:

The red tones of the shoes and glove where given particular shading and highlighting attention since they provide the only element of contrast on the whole figure.

Although Tifa's hair is pure black I inserted very light brown streaks to give it a bit of volume. I was quite hard to insert them but I think I managed it quite well.

Rest of the painting work, skin tones and white tones where quite business as normal for me even if the black skirt connection line with the flash gave me some good trouble.

Assembling: Assembly again proved quite simple as well. Maybe accept for the right arm which was not matching with the body connection at all. Another hard part in assembly where the metal parts of the skirt suspenders. I had to make them myself from paper clips since they were not provided with the kit. Quite hard to put in place believe me.

Specials: As I said the client requested no special for this figure just that I give it my best in the painting. Something I think I achieved once again. ^^

No. of Parts:
Produced by:
Kanako Ono
360 degree full view.
Clients Comments:
Right Hand full view
Not the red shoe tone here.
The flash tone are really soft here.
Notice the light reflection on the black leather effect.
Even the red gloves tone came out really great.
Once again the white tone came out right.
Notice the soft brown streaks of the hair to give it volume.
Over all the face came out really good.